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MU Archangel adds limited-time goodies, special rewards and more in latest update

MU Archangel adds limited-time goodies, special rewards and more in latest update
| MU Archangel

Webzen is celebrating a festive new update for MU Archangel, the studio's popular MMORPG on mobile. From June 13th to 18th, players can look forward to special rewards from daily purchases, in-game goodies from daily quests, festival rewards and so much more.

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In particular, the June Greeting Festival running between June 13th at 05:00 to June 18th at 05:00 (GMT+7) will offer additional rewards during the First Daily Purchase event. Here, players can score special goodies from their daily purchases during the event period no matter how much they spend.

Additionally, there will be daily quests during the event where players can collect specific items after clearing each quest. The Festival Roulette, on the other hand, can be activated by purchasing 10,000 Zen with 60 diamonds. Alternatively, players can also take part in the Daily First purchase/Goal Achievement to nab the item required for the roulette.

For players who are looking for a bit of a challenge, they can put their skills to the test by taking on the Event BOSS in Lorencia and Devias. This appears on 1 Channel at 12:15 and 22:00 (game server time) daily, and more damage equates to more rewards.

On top of all this, there will be time-limited special packages available for purchase during the event, as well as an extra 50% EXP Buff in Land of Demon, weekly packages and more. If all that sounds appealing to you, you can download MU Archangel on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices today.

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