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Webzen announces the launch of powerful new Wing Soul system for MU Archangel

Webzen announces the launch of powerful new Wing Soul system for MU Archangel

MU Archangel has come over philosophical and is asking the question, can Wings have Souls? The answer is yes, with Webzen announcing new Wing Soul content when you reach Master Level 350, with all the content being in the Warrior’s Aegis under the Wings section, naturally.

Happily, all tiers and grades of Wing Soul can be upgraded so you won’t need to grind for a small pool of choices. Upgrading the Souls will require you to use Flame items like the Faint White Flame for materials; however, these can be obtained through Daily Packages so you can start collecting these with little effort.

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Bigger numbers equal bigger damage

By using the Breath of Phoenix you will be able to use Soul Infusion on your shiny new gear, with each Tier being infused up to a 10 Star Rating for a lot of power and bragging rights. You can even unlock Eternity options if you get your Star rating high enough, so that should be your first goal.

Your infusion can fail, with each tier giving a lower success rate, however, you will have checkpoints at 4 and 8 stars that you won’t fall below if you fail. To combat this, use the Soul Amulet item to prevent your Rating from declining if you fail. Again, the Breath of Phoenix and these Soul Amulets are available through Daily Packages, so Webzen is giving players all they need to get some good use out of this feature.

Some more wind beneath your wings

If all that wasn’t enough to get you excited, then the second new feature definitely will. Also when you reach Master level 350, you can awaken the wings to gain access to some very powerful Awakening options on top of some Awakening Property Skills, up to tier 3. Much like the Wing Soul features, all tiers and grades of wings can be awakened.

You will need to get a Phoenix’s Soul for Wing Soul Infusion, so make sure to hoard a few of these, and the material’s grade differs from each tier of Awakening Wing. While you can use this new powerful feature in any content, the Property skill is specialized in PVP battle which will probably shift the meta a bit and make Tier 3 mandatory for success soon.

Important Public Service Announcement

There is one big thing that you should bear in mind as you start your Awakening journey. When you start the process, you will need to choose one of the character classes for the Wing, with the Awakening Property skill changing to the class chosen. This is an irreversible choice that once made will lock the Wing to the class, so make sure you are certain where you want to use them before you start.

MU Archangel is currently available in South East Asia, so if you are lucky enough to live in that region, or if you are dedicated enough to plan a holiday for some new Wings, you can download the game from the App Store or Google Play and start upgrading.