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Monster Never Cry - guide for starting your demonic reign of terror

Monster Never Cry - guide for starting your demonic reign of terror

Learn the ropes and get some quick tips on getting started!

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  • Monster Never Cry puts you not in the shoes of a hero, but a villain
  • Build up your lair, recruit and breed new monsters, take the fight to the ‘heroes’
  • Find out all the basics through the Monster Never Cry guide to get you started in the game without too much hassle!

It seems all too often we’ve got a new game releasing where you hunt down and slay foul monsters or demons. But what about the opposite side of the coin? Maybe it’s time those ‘evil’ beings stood up for themselves. Well, if that’s the way you think then you’re in luck; Monster Never Cry is a brand-new idle RPG that tasks you with doing just that.

In Monster Never Cry you take on the role of the Demon Lord, fighting off hordes of ‘heroes’ intent on plundering your lair, recruiting and breeding new, stronger monsters, and just maybe taking the fight to the forces of ‘good’ themselves.

Sounds interesting? You’re in luck, because we’ve gotten hands-on with Monster Never Cry to give you all the basic tips you need to get started. So read on and find out exactly what this game has in store for you.

The basics

But, before we get into all the tips and tricks, here’s a lowdown on all the basics.

An idle RPG is what it says on the tin. It’s an RPG that lets you earn rewards and accomplish quests even when you’re not playing, making it perfect for players who need downtime or don’t want to play at all hours of the day. Usually, that means you’ll have AFK rewards that are accrued automatically, but you will need to check in periodically as they cap out at a certain amount.

Monster Never Cry is a particularly ‘hands-off’ example of an idle RPG. While other games have you positioning your heroes and activating their abilities manually, MNC does it automatically. Your only real input is in levelling up your heroes, which monster goes where and when you use them.

Monster Never Cry also has elements of base-building. Specifically, your Monster City also has slots for buildings beneath it. Many of these are specifically for resource-gathering or other purposes, starting with the gold room, and a lot of quests require you to build certain rooms you may’ve neglected and get them to the proper level.

That’s all the basics, so let’s get into some specific suggestions.


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Tip 1 - Get rid of the Warriors

The usual idle tasks you’ll be doing are removing the warriors attacking your city. These attackers will be visible on the right side of the main screen. To get rid of them, simply toss a few coins their way! Huh? Yes, you actually have to spend money to get rid of them.

Fortunately, this does have a benefit. You gain mana for upgrading monsters and mithril for buying materials in the store from defeating these enemies. But just be aware that you’ll need cash on hand to do so, which brings us to…

Occasionally, a warrior will attack the gate that has a special icon above them. Try tapping the icon, and if this is a particularly special event you’ll launch into a battle to fight, with some primo rewards at the end. You might also see unusual things like chests or pigs that give even greater rewards.

Tip 2 - Gather Gold and Rebuild

Gold is your passive resource and is gained from gold rooms, one of the first rooms you’ll build below the Exiled City. Simply keep them upgraded and auto-assign monsters to work them for greater gains. However, bear in mind that, like your idle rewards, it’s often better to wait for them to fill to the max to get a greater haul before claiming.

Increasing the yield of your buildings means that you’ll need monsters to oversee them. Using the auto-assign feature you can pop available monsters into their given roles. However, you’ll need to upgrade the room in order to accommodate monsters of a greater rank, so you can’t just pop a high-level monster down and expect massive gains.

Tip 3 - Power-up your Monsters!

Another benefit of the idle genre is that you no longer need to hyper-focus on everything to get the best stats. Auto-equip lets you quickly assign new and powerful gear to your monsters. While levelling up is as simple as tapping the power-up button, although you’ll need to assign greater resources at certain thresholds for a ‘breakthrough’, this will also grant you greater abilities and unique special moves for your monsters.

Tip 4 - Meet new people and slay them

The main meat of the game is the Combat section, where your monsters travel the world and take on Warriors. This is also where you can claim your AFK rewards from the sleeping chest on the left-hand side of the screen, with greater rewards depending on the time you wait to claim it. Fighting battles in Combat is also the best way to level up your Demon Lord, which is vital for progressing through the early chapters and much easier than building or grinding.

Tip 5 - Grow up

No, this isn’t an insult. But your core aim when playing Monster Never Cry is to evolve and grow your Demon Lord. You start off as an egg and quickly hatch into an adorable spider. But that simply isn’t enough for reestablishing your Devildom. Completing chapters and quests grants you the ability to evolve from a baby to a child, an adult and eventually your ‘perfect’ form (Cell’s calling and he wants his name back).

Tip 6 - Moving forward

As we said, Monster Never Cry is a quintessential idle mobile game, and what’s good is that it doesn’t pretend to be anything other than that. So, if you like being able to check in, tap for a few minutes, collect your rewards and maybe do some powering up before clocking out for a while you’ll probably really like it.

But if not, just be aware that’s essentially what the game is. When you get into it you’re going to be focused on grinding and combat, with many other options opening up later on. Just stick to the basics and be aware that there’s a lot of waiting involved, and you should get on okay!

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