Monster Hunter Now teases Elder Dragon appearances in latest roadmap

New hardcore enemy types are coming this summer

Monster Hunter Now teases Elder Dragon appearances in latest roadmap
  • Monster Hunter Now's new enemy types, the Elder Dragon and Leviathan, are coming this summer
  • But what the heck is an Elder Dragon?
  • And what might the mysterious third category of Monster be?

Monster Hunter Now's latest roadmap has been revealed. Showing off a host of new monsters that have been added over March, as we go into summer there are some mystery additions. And one of them is the hotly anticipated category of Elder Dragon, set to arrive in June. This is going to be a stand-out for many long-time Monster Hunter fans given the importance of said creatures.

As for what an Elder Dragon is, well, for us amateurs in the world of Monster Hunter, we had to look it up. But essentially an Elder Dragon seems to be any monster that doesn't fit into the fantastical ecology of the world of Monster Hunter. So whereas most beasts you fight fit somewhere into the fictional food choice, Elder Dragons are more akin to unnatural enemies so old that whatever place they had in nature has long since passed.

Sounds fun to fight, huh?

Mega-monsters A roadmap of new Monster Hunter Now content.

Alongside the Elder Dragon coming in June, July will bring the Leviathan (the apex predators that still fit in the natural ecology) and a mysterious third category of monsters. It seems as if these additions will make a huge difference in offering more and even greater challenges for players since both of these categories are usually bosses in the mainline games.

As for the third category? Well, we're not so privy to the lore of Monster Hunter but we certainly expect big things. And even if you're not that excited for more beasties to fight, the upcoming one-year anniversary of Monster Hunter Now in Autumn is sure to bring some exciting rewards and additions, but if you want some rewards sooner why not check out our list of all the codes for MH Now?

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