Monster Hunter Now adds new Driftsmelting mechanic to give you a big, but random, equipment boost

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Monster Hunter Now adds new Driftsmelting mechanic to give you a big, but random, equipment boost
  • Want to get an upgrade in Monster Hunter Now? Then try the game's new Driftsmelting mechanic
  • Use Driftstone to give your armour random upgrades and walk to complete the process
  • You'll need these upgrades, what with the new, even scarier monsters being added soon to MH Now

Monster Hunter Now is offering you a whole new way to upgrade your gear with the new Driftsmelting mechanic, added in its recent update.

How does it work? Well, essentially, by using a resource called Driftstone, you can begin driftsmelting a piece of equipment of your choosing. Naturally, you'll need equipment that has been upgraded to support driftsmelting, which can differ by the type of equipment.

After that, you simply need to begin walking. Yes, Monster Hunter Now is still trying to get you to actually walk! But it's okay because this is all part of the process, and if you really need it, you can use the insta-smelt solution to speed it all up, but it'll cost you.

You can check out all the details about Driftsmelting in detail from the official update, and troubleshoot any potential issues using Niantic's help page.

A bit random A diagram demonstrating how Driftsmelting works.

All these upgrades are going to be necessary, because in summer, Monster Hunter Now has teased a whole new wave of monsters - the enormous Elder Dragons, for example. These beasts are so old they defy even the fictional ecology of the Monster Hunter franchise, and will be a major new foe to contend with.

And with the nights drawing out and the weather heating up, no doubt there'll be plenty of Monster Hunter Now fans stepping out in order to take on more of this game's deadliest beasties.

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