Monopoly Solitaire combines both games in one mobile title, out now on iOS and Android

Monopoly Solitaire combines both games in one mobile title, out now on iOS and Android

Great news for board game and card fanatics - Hasbro and MobilityWare have partnered up to bring a new kind of game night to players all over the world with Monopoly Solitaire. Combining the best elements of both games into one fun-filled package, the new mobile title lets players collect rent from properties and ace Solitaire challenges at the same time.

Monopoly Solitaire leverages the massive success of both games, with over 250 million games sold for Monopoly and 290 million downloads for Solitaire across the globe. Monopoly players will have to complete tons of solitaire levels on the board as well, but how exactly does this new hybrid game work?

Players can earn dice rolls as well as Monopoly bucks through completing deals of solitaire. You'll have to make your way through the board just like the classic Monopoly game, building houses and snatching lucrative properties off the market for your own personal gain. As you nourish and expand your real estate empire, you may just land on the Community Chest or on Chance - or, if the odds aren't in your favour, you might just end up in jail.

After partnering with MobilityWare to offer Hasbro-themed puzzle packs in Jigsaw Puzzle, we were eager to work together on an entirely new game," says Richard Cleveland, VP Marketing Digital Media for Hasbro. "We are extremely excited for the release of MONOPOLY Solitaire and are thrilled to join MobilityWare in their mission of bringing joy to others one game at a time. Both MONOPOLY fans and solitaire diehards will be delighted by this unique gameplay experience that combines one of the world’s most popular board games with MobilityWare’s best-in-class Solitaire title.”

Monopoly Solitaire is now available to download on the iOS App Store and on Google Play.

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