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Find a friend for Monopoly Go

Find a friend for Monopoly Go
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You can now take Monopoly with you everywhere you go thanks to the mobile variant, Monopoly Go. Playing a game like it will certainly be no fun solo, which is why you should try adding friends within Monopoly Go to enhance the overall experience.

Essentially, multiple methods are available for adding in-game friends, and you can go ahead with the one that best suits your needs. Check out the section below for a guide if you need help with the specifics of searching and adding friends within the title.

How to add Friends in Monopoly GO

Number of dice rolls you get for adding friends in Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go does not currently include a direct mechanism that allows you to search for other players’ usernames and add them as friends. Instead, you can add in-game friends by any one of the following alternate methods:

1) Leave a comment below

We usually organise similar groups through comments. Leave your info below and people will start adding you. Of course, you can pick who you want to play with, so the ultimate control is still in your hands. There are referral codes for Monster Hunter Now, as well, and friend codes for Pokemon Go.

2) Facebook

The primary and probably the best method of adding Friends in Monopoly Go would be to connect the game to Facebook. As a result, all your friends on Facebook who have tied the game to their accounts will get added to your friend list.

This will also be pretty convenient as you wouldn’t have to send them invites manually, and they will automatically be a part of the list. Accordingly, while you are initially creating your account, it would be advised to connect your Facebook to it.

Even if you started playing as a Guest, you will later have the option to bind your Facebook to your Guest account to find friends.

3) Contact list (phone number)

Besides adding all your Facebook friends, Monopoly GO also enables you to add the people playing the game from your contact list. You must simply give the game permission to read your contact list and provide your phone number.

All your contacts who are playing the game will get added subsequently. This will be the go-to method if you do not have a Facebook account or your friends do not possess an account on the platform.

4) Invite link

Lastly, if your friends aren’t on Facebook and you can’t add them through the contact list, you will have the option to send them the installation link. All those who download the game through your sent installation link will automatically get added to your friend list. On top of this, inviting new friends and making them download the game will fetch you additional rewards.

These are all the three main methods you can use to add the people you know to your friend list in Monopoly Go.

You may also find other people on the internet playing the game and make them your in-game friends. This can be done by joining the various Monopoly Go groups on platforms like Facebook.

Moreover, you can randomly add friends within the game. Whenever you open the "Friends and Family" section in Monopoly Go, it will show you some suggested friends that you can send a request to. Subsequently, you can send them the request and enjoy playing Monopoly Go with them.

That’s it for the guide on adding friends in Monopoly Go, and you will now likely be aware of the procedure on how you may make friends inside the game. After adding friends, you can enjoy the game alongside them. 

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