Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Force Recon
| Modern Warfare 2

I quite enjoy coming into a franchise a long way down the line, when everyone else is shaking with excitement at a new sequel while I’ve never even played the original.

Here I must admit that I’ve never played a single Call of Duty game, which is a shame in some respects, but it also allows for an experience free from expectations.

The boss is a cat named Joe

Modern Warfare: Force Recon begins with a pretty solid plot about Mexico being besieged by terrorists well organised enough to take on John McClane. What’s refreshing is you’re there as part of a team, and even though much of the game is spent hunting down bad guys alone, you come across plenty of Force Recon members who offer advice, exposition and even help (the hot lead kind).

The game takes on a third-person perspective from a high enough vantage point that it might as well be top-down, or isometric. Regardless, you’ve got a good field of vision, which you’ll need with the large number of enemies littering the war-torn streets of Mexico.

Life (and death) on the streets

As you run around theses streets, your soldier automatically targets enemies, which frees up the controls for movement. Hitting the 'fire' button does just that, but you can’t just stand there and trade bullets.

You automatically duck behind obstacles for cover whenever you’re close enough, poking your head out to shoot back at opportune moments. Without making full and careful use of this cover you won’t get through the first level, but the ensuing shootouts are far more dynamic and exciting when dashing between moments of safety and death, making this one of the game’s most enticing features.

You’ve also got a pocket full of grenades, and pick up additional weaponry during the missions, so there are plenty of explosions and sharp shooting to keep the action white hot.

Detailed, fast moving visuals help bring this already intense game to console-worthy life, and although I’m no expert on the Call of Duty phenomenon, I suspect it’s exactly what Modern Warfare addicts will be looking for on their otherwise bulletless commute.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Force Recon

Although predictable in its gameplay mechanics, Force Recon is beautifully executed and filled with accessible, intense action throughout. Supported by a solid storyline and lots of unexpected twists in the fighting, this is the game to keep console junkies high when away from the living room