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Mobile Legends: Adventure tier list - characters sorted by factions

Mobile Legends: Adventure tier list - characters sorted by factions

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Updated on April 14th, 2024 - Version:452.0 - Latest addition: Singularity Lunox

Are you eager to dive into a comprehensive Mobile Legends: Adventure tier list? Then you're in the right place. This article will cover the best characters in the game and give you everything that you need in order to start off on the right foot and establish yourself with a powerful team from the get-go. 

We've picked all the characters currently available and ranked them from best to worst, with the best being in the S tier. Usually, the heroes that sit at the top of the ranking have powerful skills and are staples for their faction/team. Next in line are also viable characters that you can safely invest your resources in. As we move down the list, you'll find heroes that are not as good, but if you think that they'll work in your team, you can still upgrade them. 

The best characters in Mobile Legends: Adventure

When it comes to the teams, it all depends on the element/faction and what you're currently trying to go for. A single character cannot be considered "the best" since it all comes down to synergy and a bunch of other factors. However, if you got to this point, you've probably got an idea about that already. 

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Ideally, you'd want to build one of the top-tier heroes for each faction and slowly prepare a team for each one. For instance, there are 7 factions - you'll want to upgrade 5 strong heroes for each one and build a team around them. 

  • Elemental
  • Martial
  • Tech
  • Light
  • Dark 
  • Order
  • Chaos

So without further ado, let's dive into our Mobile Legends: Adventure tier list!

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MLA Elemental tier list


Elemental heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure are represented by the colour green. They mostly use the power of nature and elements (such as Ice) to cast their skills and spells. We are going to sort them from best to worst, on our Mobile Legends Adventure tier list. We will do this with the rest of the factions/elements too!

S Belerick, Harley, Nimbus Eudora, Helia Karihmet
A Esmeralda, Estes, Hylos, Valir, Bell Cranel
B Aurora, Gord, Arcus Miya
C Badang, Grock, Kadita, Cyclops, Eudora, Miya

MLA Martial tier list


Martial heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure are represented by the colour red. By using their physical prowess, they are able to inflict massive damage on enemies or provide useful crowd control effects.

S Irithel, Nimbus Eudora, Miracle Clara
A Ruby, Akai, Clint, Hanabi, Masha, Nana, Wanwan, Bell Cranel
B Lapu-Lapu, Zilong
C Hayabusa, Lancelot, Yi Sun-Shin, Alucard, Franco, Hilda

MLA Tech tier list

MLA tier list Devourer Phantom

Tech heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure are represented by the colour blue. They can come up with ingenious creations and mechas that can aid allies in battle, making this a unique feature of the Tech faction.

S Angela, Atlas, Mystic Mystia
A Edith, Claude, Karrie, Lolita, Mecha Layla, Natan
B Alpha, Lesley, Saber, X.Borg, Arcus Miya
C Diggie, Bruno, Jawhead, Layla

MLA Light tier list

MLA character Silvanna

Light heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure are represented by the colour yellow. They are guided by the Light and more often than not they offer useful buffs and other positive effects to the team. Of course, they can also inflict considerable damage when necessary.

S Odette, Astraia Spira, Naiad Rafaela
A Kagura, Silvanna, Uranus, Gatotkaca, Guinevere, Kimmy, Fanny, Mecha Layla
B Chang'e, Gusion, Freya, Minsitthar, Natalia
C Kaja, Rafaela, Tigreal

MLA Dark tier list

MLA dark character Selena

Dark heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure are represented by the colour purple. They utilise the dark forces to inflict crowd control effects upon the enemies as well as turn their strengths against themselves.

S Achlys Alice, Argus, Pharsa, Astraia Spira, Luna Amara
A Selena, Lylia, Vexana, Karina, Thamuz, Miracle Clara
B Alice, Granger, Moskov, Hanzo, Helcurt
C Aldous, Balmond, Bane

MLA Order tier list

Amaterasu character

Order heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure are represented by the colour pink. They are powerful and their orderly conduit makes them incredible fighters with the help of balance. They can buff and aid allies in battle, as well as deal heaps of damage when needed.

S Feng, Akashic, Lunox, Oberon, Crocell, Forseti, Singularity Lunox
A Helia Karihmet, Amaterasu, Hwang Jini, Tia, Xeno, Hestia, Bai
B Gavana, Karihmet
C -

MLA Chaos tier list

Apostae holding a scroll

Chaos heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure are represented by the colour indigo. They use the forces of chaos to lure the enemies into traps and inflict crowd control, making them cunning and powerful at the same time.

S Mystic Mystia, Hel, Irithel, Achlys Alice, Shah Torre, Shar, Morpheus, Sekhet, Singularity Lunox
A Anna, Apostae, Martis, Yu Zhong, Tokinibara
B Zhask, Rista
C -
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