MLB Tap Sports Baseball 21: Creating your Legend

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 21: Creating your Legend

Creating an All-Time Great

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MLB Tap Sports Baseball 21 is one of the most popular and recognizable sports games on mobile. Yup, I'm sure you've seen those "tap" advertisements online. It has become a staple of sorts when it comes to mobile baseball games thanks to its simple-to-play nature and MLB licensing. 

One nice aspect of the new game is the ability to create your own player. This is called the "Create A Legend" mode, and it's extremely simple to use. Frankly, it's probably the easiest player creator to use in a sports game, while also being in-depth enough to give you plenty of options. 

It's always a lot of fun when you can create yourself or another character and implement them into the game. It's your creation so it makes things a bit more personal. Using MLB pros is awesome, but including your own star in there adds to the intrigue. Here are a few things to think about when creating your Legend. 

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Do You Want to Be a Power Hitter?

Baseball 21 creating your Legend

This has to undoubtedly be the most popular type of player in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 21 or any baseball for that matter. The game goes by archetypes when creating Legends, and you have seven to choose from before taking your player to the diamond.

Two of these are heavily power-oriented. One is called Homerun King, which, as you can expect is for gamers with the itch to hit home runs. There aren't many things in sports as popular and cool as the home run ball in baseball. Homerun King gives you a 95 power rating which is the highest for a created Legend.

You'll sacrifice some contact, but that extra power can help you smash more home runs. Another great power choice is the OPS Leader. This one gives you a nice amount of balance. You'll enjoy 85 power and 85 contact if you decide to go with this one. Overall, if you want to be a Super Bash Bro, these two archetypes can help with that.

Do You Want to Focus on Contact?

Speaking of contact hitting, perhaps this the direction you want to go with your Legend. In MLB Tap Sports Baseball 21, contact is labeled as HIT while power and speed are PWR and SPD respectively. If you don't want bash home runs and just want to get some good, clean hits, then you have a couple of really solid options here.

High Average is an archetype that will give you the highest contact rating, 91. The downside is that you'll be a bit slower, but you'll make up for it with excellent hitting ability. The other option that's really great is Top of the Order, which is a bit more balanced.

Here, you'll enjoy a contact rating of 86 while also having 86 speed. This combination is perfect for leadoff hitters, hence the archetype name. Many of the greatest leadoff hitters had an awesome combination of contact and speed. So, do you want to go with High Average and emulate legends like Pete Rose or Rod Carew? Or, do you want to be Top of the Order and play like legends Tony Gwynn or Lou Brock? The choice is yours.

Perhaps Speed is Your Calling

Speed is great in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 21 because, even if your hitting isn't amazing, your speed can still help you get on base. The two major options you have for this style of play are both lethal on the diamond if you go this route.

Kicking it off, Base Thief may easily be one of the best archetypes in the game. Both contact and power are at a steady 75 while speed is at a whopping 103 (!). It's the only archetype that has a rating that's over 100 in the game. This is great if you want to be a pure speedster like Ricky Henderson or Cool Papa Bell while still providing some slight pop with the bat.

If you want some extra pop on that swing while maintaining speed, then you want to be a 40-40 archetyped Legend. This is another great choice because you'll receive a nice 89 power rating mixed in with an 86 speed rating. So essentially you're talking about a Ken Griffey Jr. or Mike Trout kind of player. Someone who can deliver immense power while also picking up a lot of stolen bases in the process.

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