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Minecraft: How to breed Turtles

Minecraft: How to breed Turtles
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Minecraft has a wide variety of unique mobs, ranging from common chickens to the mythical Ender dragon. Turtles, commonly known as sea turtles, are a mob found in beach biomes and are hostile in nature.

You can generally find them on the sand on the beaches but not on the snowy beach or the stony shore. Like most other mobs, you can also breed them and eventually create a fun little turtle farm that can get you loads of experience points.

Check out the section below for a thorough explanation of how to breed Minecraft turtles.

How to breed turtles in Minecraft

1. Get seagrass

The first step in breeding turtles in Minecraft is to find and acquire seagrass. You can find this particular plant block inside the oceans, and you will have to dive deep to receive it. It is worth noting that you can only harvest the seagrass using a shear. As such, you will have to craft a shear using iron ingots and then go into the water looking to get the seagrass to breed the turtles. Crafting a shear does not require many materials. You can acquire it by using two iron ingots.

2. Find two adult turtles

Once you have the seagrass in your inventory, the next big move is to find two adult turtles. As mentioned above, you can locate the specific mob on the sand on the beaches. After you find two adult turtles, you can start the breeding process to accomplish your goal of making a turtle farm.

3. Start the breeding process

Follow the procedure below to breed turtles in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: To start, you must have two adult turtles adjacent to each other on the beach.
  • Step 2: You can feed the turtles the seagrass you acquired by diving into the ocean.
  • Step 3: After feeding the two adult turtles with seagrass, they will enter the love mode/start the breeding process. The heart sign above their heads will indicate this.

Upon completion of the breeding, one turtle will become pregnant and travel to its home beach - the location where it initially spawned. The pregnant parent will then lay the eggs in around nine blocks of where it was born.

4. Baby turtles will spawn from the eggs laid

The baby turtles will spawn from the eggs, and they will hatch in 4-5 in-game days. It will take one day inside for them to grow into an adult, and you can expedite the process by feeding them seagrass.

After becoming an adult, the baby turtle will drop an item known as a scute. Using five scute, you can craft a turtle shell that you can wear as a helmet. Besides that, the turtle shell received from utilizing the scute can be employed to brew the Turtle Master potion.

That’s how you breed turtles in Minecraft. You can also check out our guide on how to craft Mud Bricks in the game to learn about the particular block and its uses.

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Nishant Thakkar
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