Matching Town is a new match-3 puzzler with immersive storylines out now on Android in early access

Matching Town is a new match-3 puzzler with immersive storylines out now on Android in early access
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Matching Town is a new fun family game with interesting puzzles and storylines that has just been released on Android in early access in select countries.

About the game

Matching Town is a match-3 puzzler developed and published by Outact Inc. who have previously released Wartide. It features a story of a beautiful town built 50 years ago by Mona, the grandmother of Mika. Mona built the town's busiest shopping street. But after her death, it was completely ruined and now Mika has decided to go back and restore the street to its former glory.

Matching Town is a different type of match-3 puzzler where the main goal is to help Mika restart her life and rebuild the home where she spent her childhood.

You can start by slowly solving puzzles. There will be different ways to solve the various mysteries. You can collect stars and coins that will help you renovate the town. Matching Town features various characters and elements to play with, and you will also get various bonus items. As you progress, you will unveil more of the storyline.

Matching Town's early access version is available in select countries

Matching Town is now available in early access in the United States on Android through Google Play. It's a free-to-play title with optional in-app purchases. Though it is still under development, it features many levels and more are expected to be added soon. You can check out Matching Town's official Facebook page for more details.

Unfortunately, the developers have not shared details about Matching Town's global release. There are also no updates on whether the early access version will expand to more countries and whether it will arrive on iOS. But we will make sure to update you if any news comes.

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