Marvel Contest of Champions introduces Viv Vision and Kate Bishop in latest update

Marvel Contest of Champions introduces Viv Vision and Kate Bishop in latest update

Every month, Kabam introduces new characters to its superhero fighting mobile game, Marvel Contest of Champions. The MCU has been readying its new league of heroes after the original Avengers beat Thanos and saved the universe. Similarly, the Battlerealm also needs its set of saviours, and who better to call upon than heroes of the new generation?

Marvel Contest of Champions is introducing the next generation of superheroes to the Battlerealm as Viv Vision and Kate Bishop join the fray. A number of strange robberies have been taking place in-game and the Young Avengers have been summoned to help out. It all has something to do with Hydra so the budding heroes will have to keep their guard up.


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Let’s take a look at the two heroes now. First up we have Kate Bishop, whose journey to become an ace archer began when she witnessed Hawkeye fight the Chitauri during the Battle of New York. Following his footsteps, she learnt archery, swordplay, and numerous combat techniques. Eventually, she joined Clint and obtained the secrets of his infamous trick arrows.

Viv Vision, on the other hand, was created by Vision when he longed for a perfect family, and is, unfortunately, the only surviving member. But as a synthezoid herself, she is extremely powerful. Like her father, she has abilities such as solar radiation absorption and projection, a computer consciousness, and the ability to manipulate her density. She may be young now, but only time will tell how strong she becomes.

Viv Vision will join the game first on March 15th, followed by Kate Bishop on the 30th. The new Champion Reveal Trailer embedded above does a great job of showcasing these two as they take on Red Skull.

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Tanish Botadkar
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