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Best teams for MCoC

Best teams for MCoC

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Marvel Contest of Champions' best teams may differ and rely on a variety of factors, including the particular game mode, your champion roster, and your playstyle. Yet, several well-known team synergies in the game are often regarded as some of the best. On this page, you can find the best teams for MCoC. Read more below.

What is Synergy Bonus in MCoC?

First things first, we need to talk about synergy bonus and what exactly it is. In Marvel Contest of Champions, the term "synergy" describes some kind of benefit that is generated when certain champions are teamed together.

The synergy boost may have a range of benefits, including enhanced damage output, higher power gain, better defence, or other beneficial changes, depending on the individual champions that are paired together.

Marvel Contest of Champions synergy bonuses may be a key factor when it comes to creating a powerful team. Understanding how to optimise their impacts can significantly increase your chances of winning the battle.

When you put together a team, you might be focusing on really buffing up one particular character or trying to boost every champion. But enough of that, let's get right into the best teams for MCoC!

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Monstrosities team

Monstrosities team in MCoC
  • Abomination (Immortal)
  • King Groot
  • Absorbing Man

If you don't like dying then this team might be the one for you. It doesn't have the greatest damage output but it has enough to take down any opponent. With that said, the best thing about this composition is how tanky your champions become. Let's take a look at the synergies we can activate.

The Green Door

  • Absorbing Man: Gain Immunity to Poison effects, and Omni-Morph Forms last 3 seconds longer.
  • Abomination (Immortal): Gain 250 Energy Resistance for each Poison effect on himself.

Immortal Kings

  • Abomination (Immortal): +15% Potency in Personal Poison and Acid Burn effects.
  • King Groot: During cooldown gain a 25% chance to inflict a Poison Debuff dealing 30% of modified attack over 12 seconds each time a contact attack is landed. Additionally, the chance to gain Fury charges during cooldown is increased by a flat +11%.

Giant Monstrosities

  • King Groot: +35% Poison and Armor Break Debuff duration.
  • Size XL Champions: +4% Health and Attack Rating.

Red Revelations team

Red Revelations team
  • Masacre
  • Red Hulk
  • Domino

Mercs for Money

  • Domino: Debuffs last 1 second(s) longer.
  • Masacre: At the start of the fight, and when Ignited expires, gain between 1 and 5 Ignition Charges.

Code Red Revelations

  • Domino: Heavy Attacks inflict an Incinerate that deals damage equal to that Heavy Attack’s damage over 2 second(s).
  • Red Hulk: Special 2 Regeneration consumes 1 less Heat Charge and recovers 18% more Health.

Playing with Fire

  • Masacre: Blocking a contact attack while Ignited places an Incinerate on the Opponent as if they had been Struck by Masacre’s bat.
  • Red Hulk: Start the fight with 2 Heat Charges.

Heightened Senses team

Heightened Senses team

As a beginner player, you get Spider-Man, the Stark Enhanced variant. If you are enjoying this character and you want to further increase Spiderman's performance, rank him up and try out this team. This trinity offers a lot of damage output, but also control during your battles. Below you can see the heroes' synergies.

  • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
  • Ghost Rider
  • Blade

Spirit of Justice

  • Blade: Danger Sense bonuses expand to include all Villain Champions. However, its Ability Accuracy reduction does not bypass Villains' immunities to Ability Accuracy reduction.
  • Ghost Rider: +50% chance to place a Judgment.

Heightened Senses

  • Blade: +45% Potency for Danger Sense Bonuses.
  • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced): Starts the fight with 3 Poise charges.

Enhanced with Carbonadium

Enhanced with Carbonadium team

There are many teams based around the fan favourite, Omega Red. He can pair up with various heroes and be super effective, so if you are having a good time playing this hero, you have many options. With that said, below is our favourite Omega Red synergy. Let's check it out.

  • Omega Red
  • Red Guardian
  • Sabretooth

Enhanced with Carbonadium

  • Omega Red: When the fight begins, the Opponent is inflicted with up to 5 Death Spores.
  • Red Guardian: Takes 50% less damage from incoming attacks while the Ablative Shield is at max Durability.

X Assassins

  • Omega Red: 30% faster rate to inflict Death Spores and 30% longer rate for Death Spores to be removed.
  • Sabretooth: 30% chance Basic Claw hits inflict Bleed, dealing 40% of Attack as Direct Damage over 4 seconds.

Magnificent Manes

  • Red Guardian: While the Ablative Shield is Fractured, gain an indefinite Passive Fury, granting +10% Attack Rating until the Shield is repaired.
  • Sabrethooth: Potency of Fury effects are increased by 10%.

Kitty Pryde team

Kitty Pryde team

Kitty Pryde happens to be my favourite hero in Marvel Contest of Champions, so I saved my personal favourite for last. Obviously, this one isn't a trinity synergy like the previous ones. Instead, we are going to activate almost all of her synergies. She's really strong. She can win fights that have no business winning. Let's check it out.

  • Dragon Man
  • Emma Frost
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Ghost
  • Tigra

Fire and Dragons

  • Dragon Man: If no Power Charges are active Special Attack 2 inflicts up to 3 additional Incinerate Debuffs.
  • Kitty Pryde: Increase the duration of Incinerate Debuffs by 10% and Passive Incinerates by 15%.

Just a Phase

  • Ghost: Entering Phase during the Opponent's Special Attack grants a Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 10% for 6 seconds.
  • Kitty Pryde: Each Miss that occurs during Phase grants +2 additional Prowess, these can stack above the normal limit.

Through Thick and Thin

  • Emma Frost: Gain +20% Attack Rating in diamond form and gain +20% Combat Power Rate in telepathic form.
  • Kitty Pryde: Become Immune to reverse controls, and each time this immunity is triggered gain +1 personal Prowess. Cooldown 0.8 seconds.

Vicious Kitty

  • Kitty Pryde: While +10 Prowess are active, become Passively Unblockable while Phased
  • Tigra: Neutralize effects last +35% longer.
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