Magnum Quest reveals latest update, featuring new open-world mechanics and PvP systems

Magnum Quest reveals latest update, featuring new open-world mechanics and PvP systems
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Publisher and developer TuYoo Games have announced the latest update alongside an in-game event for its popular idle card-game hybrid: Magnum Quest. This update includes a ton of new features and content, including more open-world elements, guild battles, equipment crafting, and a brand-new mechanic called Idle Dispatch.

For those of you who are unaware, Magnum Quest is a title that combines idle tactical combat gameplay with card-based mechanics, featuring a cast of fresh characters that are unique in both their abilities and personalities. Players will delve into dungeons, explore rugged forests, and face off against an abundance of furious foes, and if you can manage to top your opponents, you’ll be able to level up those heroes and further their abilities even more.

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The update introduces new gameplay systems into the open world such as dangerous jungles and winter wastelands, offering up even more locales for players to explore and get invested in. You’ll also be finding your way into creepy dungeons and sinister ruins, each with its own fully rendered 3D background to do combat within.

Perhaps the largest addition to this patch is the Guild-vs-Guild battle players can now participate in, allowing you and your group of other players to face off in player-vs-player combat against other guilds, climbing the ranks for various rewards. Then, we have the new Idle Dispatch system, which will allow players to send different teams of their heroes to explore and get more rewards for their characters whilst they aren’t playing.

And finally, the ability to forge your own equipment and consumables adds a new degree of variety and player freedom. All of this to say that this is a very large patch and whether you’re a longtime player or someone looking to get into Magnum Quest now is the perfect time. If you’re looking to do so, you can check it out for free on Google Play and the App Store!

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