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Lovebrush Chronicles is now available on Android and iOS

Lovebrush Chronicles is now available on Android and iOS

NetEase Games has just announced the release of the romantic adventure, Lovebrush Chronicles, the studio’s latest adventure RPG for Android and iOS. Pre-registrations were held over the last couple of months and players can now reap all the benefits with a load of in-game rewards and prizes for everyone.

In Lovebrush Chronicles, players will embark on a magical journey to find the love of their life. The immersive narrative takes place across several parallel universes, where players step into the shoes of a college freshman specializing in fine arts.

It’s not just the artistic capabilities, though. Players have special powers that allow them to venture out into new dimensions by painting doorways. A lover could be waiting in any of them. As players progress through the game, they will be part of a diverse array of romantic tales spanning time, space, and even genres.

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The story begins in Godheim, a fantasy world that is plagued by a rather harsh winter. It is up to players and their suitors to prevent the mysterious kingdom from collapsing. The suitor will be one of the many available options and players are free to hang out with them to increase character affinity.

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Spending more time together will build on the lore and players can also contact them through live 2D video calls for more personalized interaction. All the plots have been carefully designed to be distinctive from one another, ensuring players get to be part of several love stories.

Goldheim is just one of the many places the budding artist will visit. Every world has different branching narratives with numerous ways in which the story can pan out. But if players are confident that they’ve found the one, they can also explore different paths to see how their journey ends with that suitor.

Go on your own romantic escapade by downloading Lovebrush Chronicles now for free.

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