Lovebrush Chronicles is NetEase's upcoming mobile RPG that sends players on an epic dating adventure

Lovebrush Chronicles is NetEase's upcoming mobile RPG that sends players on an epic dating adventure

NetEase Games has announced yet another entry into the mobile gaming space, this time with the release of a closed beta for Lovebrush Chronicles, an adventure RPG for mobile. It is currently live on Android devices and requires no registration or recruitment process, as the game can simply be downloaded from Google Play.

Lovebrush Chronicles follows the story of a special college student, whose innate Traveler ability allows her to navigate through various unseen worlds. While journeying through these mystical regions, she finds her dream man and is also granted the power to wield Illustra spirits in battle. Every suitor has distinctive characters that players must slowly unravel through gameplay.

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The game’s CBT allows access to 12 sections of the Academy Group Story, which include Ayn’s Story, Alkaid’s Story, Lars’ Story, and Clarence’s Story. Progressing through them will unlock various other activities such as Art Supplies, Aurora Theatre, In Dreams, Mock Battle, and Pictura Memories.

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In addition, the entire campus also opens up for exploration once Alkaid and Ayn’s second stories are cleared. Here, players can find their creative side and make paintings to gift others. Completing other stages like group story four further unlocks dates with the admirers at different locations and times, which includes live 2D interactions and intimate audio conversations.

Numerous other features such as an Achievements System, Codex System, Art Exhibition Promo, Shop System, Daily Quests, Sign-In System, Friend System, and Assist System will also be available. Finally, players topping up during the playtest will receive 200% of the same amount during the official release.

Lovebrush Chronicle’s closed beta test will be available until August 24th. Interested players can download the game for free using the link below. For more information, visit the official website and follow the Twitter page to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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