Lost Light offers casual gamers a way to enjoy the shooter thanks to its PvPvE and progression systems

Lost Light offers casual gamers a way to enjoy the shooter thanks to its PvPvE and progression systems
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NetEase’s upcoming mobile shooter Lost Light has been in the works for a while now. It has soft-launched in a few places and is open for pre-registrations elsewhere. Today, the developers have released an update that integrates a new PvPvE mechanism and battlefield development, meaning players can have a blast without having to worry about getting a certain number of kills, winning games, and getting all competitive. NetEase aims to provide players with a stress-free gaming environment for fans of shooters.

PvP games have become quite stressful with loads of players who have become extra competitive and obsessed with their k/d ratio. Lost Light aims to take away all this stress with the addition of AI enemies to matches. A system has been put in place to identify the kill/death ratio and other stats of players queuing up and then adding a bunch of AIs to the match with more or less equal skill and weapons. Think of it as skill-based matchmaking but with bots.

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But it's not like the AI will be mindless bots either. Since this is kind of like SBMM, expect them to know all of Lost Light’s tactics like shooting prone, lobbing grenades, and even staging an ambush. The gameplay should still feel just as challenging with the bots around. On the progression side of things, Lost Light follows a waste not want not strategy. Players can use the looted supplies to upgrade their shelter and if not, they can be easily traded with other players on the in-game Black Market.

Lost Light doesn’t follow the winner takes it all ideology either. Players can be lone wolves or even rescue others to form temporary teams, which is also encouraged by the team-up feature where players can ask for help or help others out.

Pre-register for Lost Light now on their official website for Android. Something on iOS should come out soon as well.

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