Lost Light launches Christmas 2022 update with first-person mode with loads of events

Lost Light launches Christmas 2022 update with first-person mode with loads of events
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NetEase has just launched an awesome new Christmas update for its mobile survival shooter Lost Light. It introduces the first-person mode to the game, which has been highly awaited. Other Xmas goodies include exclusive skins, bonuses, and a tonne of rewards.

With the launch of this new update, players will be able to choose between either the first or third-person mode. The new mode gives a Call of Duty-like feel as gameplay seems more tactical and combat is immersive. Lost Light remains the same but FPP should offer a whole new experience to players.

Now players can experience the world of Lost Light in an even richer sense, as they will cover their tracks in Mount Akiyama’s dark forest, loot chests in the maze of the BAF Factory, and fight through other opponents in the ARC Company. Add to that all the new Christmas additions and everyone will receive the perfect holiday present.

Lost Light’s weather system has always been quite intricate. As Xmas approaches, the winter season comes to the shooter, blanketing everything in snow. Players will be able to enter the Winter Exclusion Zone where fighting will get much tougher. Enemy tracks will be covered by snow and encounters can occur anywhere and at any time.

Since Christmas is the season of giving, NetEase will be rewarding players with loads of goodies. During the Noel event, players will be tasked with collecting Gingerbread, which can be exchanged for a Targeted Serum and a Permanent Weapon Skin. Additional prizes include weapon skins, backpacks, glasses, and a lot more.

Get ready for snow in first person by downloading Lost Light now for free by clicking on your preferred link below. For more information, check out their official website - and to find more like-minded folk, be sure to join the game’s Discord community.

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