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Little Dog Bob review - "Endless fun and freedom with a good doggo"

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Little Dog Bob review - "Endless fun and freedom with a good doggo"

When a game has a happy little doggo as the main protagonist, I always expect it to be a pleasant experience - and with Little Dog Bob, it certainly delivers. The 2D endless runner doesn't really want to be anything other than a good boi's fun-filled run through fields, construction sites, and even clouds, but will Bob's furry appeal alone make this game worth your while?

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What initially caught my eye with this endless runner is the art style - Little Dog Bob features a lovely hand-drawn aesthetic that has feel-good vibes all over it. Developer Simon Eltz is a 2D animator based in Switzerland, and his expertise in bringing Bob to life really shows. Bob soars through the varied environments with such smooth movements, and the animation style really adds a bit of a cosy and nostalgic feel throughout the whole game.

Apart from Bob himself, you'll also come across some interesting characters along the way, and each new addition makes every new level an absolute joy to behold. The backgrounds themselves are lovely to run through, whether you're traversing rocky fields or avoiding quirky obstacles.


Since it's an endless runner, the game's overall objective is simple - get Bob from start to end while trying to accomplish goals to clear the level. These include steering clear of flowers (stepping on them will make Bob sad, which is just precious) or simply making sure Bob is happy for a full 30 seconds. Keeping up Bob's mood is affected by a number of factors, such as touching birds, chasing insects and so much more.

All these things really add to the authentic nature of how a cute little doggo might behave when running free across fields in real life. You can also collect coins as you go through each stage, which, in turn, can be used to buy upgrades for Bob and fancy little hats (because why not). These upgrades can help you leap farther, resist sadness, collect more coins and so on.

By the way, the game also lets you choose three different styles of controlling Bob: you can use the virtual joystick to jump and move left and right, or tilt your phone to move Bob along. You can also use a controller if you have one (for the record, I used my Razer Kishi on the Android version of the game and it worked perfectly).


Despite the simplicity of the game, I found myself thoroughly enjoying my experience with it likely because Bob is just so darn cute. Seeing his face twist into a scowl when he's angry or burst into an ecstatic smile when he's full of beans is just precious - plus, he also makes these adorable little sounds as he goes along (which you can toggle on or off if you wish).

While the levels do get progressively more difficult, you're still rewarded with coins you can diligently try to earn until you gather enough resources to buy an upgrade that'll help you on your next run.

Of course, the game isn't meant to be played in a single go, as levels are nicely separated into bite-sized chunks that you can play whenever you need a quick break. And, considering the game is absolutely free-to-play with no ads, in-app purchases or hidden fees, you'll definitely get so much value in exchange for just small bits of your time.

Little Dog Bob review - "Endless fun and freedom with a good doggo"

Little Dog Bob is a pleasant endless runner with cute hand-drawn visuals and an even cuter protagonist. It just goes to show you that you don't have to have overly complicated mechanics or visuals to make a game a heck of a ride - all you need is a happy puppy living his best life and you might just have a hit in your hands.
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