LifeAfter's Spring Festival 2022 celebrates the Year of the Tiger with new mini-games and rewards

LifeAfter's Spring Festival 2022 celebrates the Year of the Tiger with new mini-games and rewards
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The Doomsday World need not always be a place crawling with zombies and monsters. Where there’s darkness, there’s light too, right? LifeAfter is welcoming this light to its survival world through the Spring Festival. Players can hop in to receive free items like outfits, participate in a number of activities and mini-games, and of course, drive away special infected and bring in the spring season.

2022 is the Year of the Tiger and it begins on February 1st. The festivities in LifeAfter kick-off with a Spring Festival Sign-in event that will reward players with the Year of the Tiger outfit for logging in consecutively. Between January 31st and February 6th, players can get their hands on Sky Gift Boxes falling from the sky at Hope 101 and Camp. Completing daily quests at Hope 101 will also reward survivors with the Spring Festival Picture Fragment. Collecting five of these will unlock the Spring Festival Lucky Bag containing exclusive goodies on January 31st.

The Spring Festival limited-time prize pool is also open and features a new weapon and vehicle. Additionally, a fusion chance UP is also beginning, allowing players to boost their weapon’s fusion chances, with the first 5x Fusion available at half price every day.

LifeAfter is also adding new dual player mini-games to the Doomsday World. Until February 5th, survivors can gather their friends and participate in eight fun mini-games. Check them out below:

  • Zero-G Spree
  • Mad Dash
  • Snow Clearing
  • Charge
  • Snowball Fight
  • Gifts Galore
  • Sledding Joy
  • Raging Sails

With all the fun and games, Survivors shouldn’t forget that they’re still on the Doomsday World. The Spring Festival will face its disruptions on January 30th, February 6th, and 13th thanks to Heimdall releasing waves of special Infected for players to fight. Beating them and the special Infected Boss will unlock multiple supply rewards from the Airdrop.

Lastly, three new outfits are also being added. Players can get their hands on the Tiger Festivity, Tiger Paws, and Tiger Festivity Collector’s Edition outfits from the store. Last year’s Lucky Ox also makes a return. Say goodbye to the winter and welcome the spring by downloading LifeAfter for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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