LifeAfter lets players create their own amusement park in the Escape Park update

LifeAfter lets players create their own amusement park in the Escape Park update

NetEase Games has just released an exciting update for their doomsday survival game LifeAfter and it’s one all the creative minds need to get in on quickly. Titled Escape Park, the event is a gateway to a new main storyline beginning with Corruption Crisis. What’s special about it is that it features Level Editor-centric content, something fans have been waiting for.

Even though LifeAfter tells the story of an apocalyptic world, there are bound to be some happy moments in this torturous wasteland. This patch brings one in the form of an amusement park that shows up out of nowhere. It’s full of colourful decoration and happiness, at least at face value. And that’s the catch because to the Doomsday World, it’s a mysterious and unnerving place.

In Escape Park, players will be given the opportunity to let their imagination run wild as they become level designers themselves. It’s time to channel your inner Roller Coaster Tycoon and build the coolest theme park by making use of the available obstacles and challenges. It’s the perfect place to bring friends and test everyone’s survival and parkour skills.

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Meanwhile, a new threat is brewing elsewhere in LifeAfter. Corrupted fungi have made their way to camps and everyone is in trouble once more. Players must fight through all the contamination and locate the source of all this chaos because the fate of humanity is on the line. Corruption Crisis is about to be a thrilling event as it culminates in a massive boss battle.

Furthermore, the game is adding a new Collector’s Edition outfit called Obsidian Will, which gives players a peek at what life was like prior to the apocalypse. There’s also new themed furniture like the Psychedelic Forest to look out for.

Build your own amusement park while fending off ferocious fungi by downloading LifeAfter now for free.

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