LifeAfter: Sea of Zombie launches next week, taking players on a new adventure in search of the Pureland

LifeAfter: Sea of Zombie launches next week, taking players on a new adventure in search of the Pureland
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NetEase Games has just announced a massive expansion for its open-world survival game LifeAfter today. Titled the Sea of Zombie, the update hits the shores on August 12th and will feature elements of the sea and zombies, of course, with loads of new activities, challenges, and rewards. Doomsday World’s infection rate keeps on increasing and the survivors are now forced to explore the mysterious seas in search of help. Even the graphical side of things will receive a major boost as the newly updated physics engine will exhibit ultrarealistic water surface effects.

In the Sea of Zombie expansion in LifeAfter, players embark on a journey to find the Pureland, which Scientia has made claims about. There are a total of five seas to explore, and like the update’s name suggests, they’re probably going to be brimming with zombies. The infection is everywhere, but survivors have no choice but to tread these dangerous waters in hopes of locating the Pureland.

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Let’s talk about what players can expect in each sea. Starting off with Crystalthorn, this sea is full of infected icy blue crystals that only look pretty, but are dangerous up close. The Labyrinth Sea is eternally under a blanket of fog. It is a region where no compasses work and the unprepared are lost forever. Don’t go by Rainbow Sea’s name assuming it is a safe haven. Since the seaweed here can cure the crystal infection, hordes of infected tend to make their way here. Then we have the Eroded Reef Sea which has mature crystals that explode into flames and cause hallucinations, and finally, the Whirlpool Sea which is full of perils no one knows about.

Pre-registrations for the event are also running now on the official website. It will grant in-game rewards like Formula Shards and Skill Points, and on hitting 150,000 registrations, three lucky winners will receive an iPad Mini and RedMagic 6s Pro.

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