LifeAfter’s New Year’s Benefit Event goes live today on Android and iOS

LifeAfter’s New Year’s Benefit Event goes live today on Android and iOS

Surviving in the Doomsday World may be difficult, but that isn’t going to stop its residents from celebrating the New Year! NetEase Games is hosting a New Year’s Benefit Event in LifeAfter featuring a revamped Doomsday World with new quests and rewards. Players can enjoy a newer LifeAfter as the 2022 version is launched.

New Year Log in Bonuses

Hope 101 gets a brand new look to celebrate 2022. Enjoy the New Year sign-in event, featuring the 2022 Commemorative Card Frame and 2022 Commemorative Avatar Frame. Survivors can also put on new outfits to party in the frightening Doomsday World. This dark and gloomy land plagued by zombies will also be vibrant this time of the year. The log in event will provide these and many more rewards to all players.

New Year Wishes: Test Your Friendship Event

This event is for survivors and their friends to take part in together. It is a web event that will run from January 1st to 7th, testing survivors’ friendships. Players can choose five New Year’s wishes and invite friends to participate in this campaign. These wishes consist of questions that friends must answer correctly. The stronger the friendship, the greater the rewards. If the Doomsday world inhabitants can prove their rapport with their buddies, they stand to win exclusive New Years prizes like Event Limited Titles and Formula Shards. Everyone can register for the New Year Wishes: Test Your Friendship Event through its dedicated website.

There are a lot of rewards up for grabs with the New Year. Participate in events, consistently log in, and test your friendship to win a tonne of prizes. Celebrate 2022 by downloading LifeAfter, an open-world doomsday survival game, for free on the App Store and Google Play. The game has amassed over 200 million players and was rated the most Competitive Game of 2019 on Android.

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