Life Makeover to collab with Hello Kitty manufacturers Sanrio

Life Makeover to collab with Hello Kitty manufacturers Sanrio
  • Life Makeover is a social dress-up game that's collaborating once more with Sanrio
  • Sanrio are the company behind Hello Kitty and other cute mascot merchandise
  • The collab adds new outfits, characters and more

Life Makeover, the dress-up and social sim, is set to once more collaborate with Hello Kitty manufacturers Sanrio. The collaboration will include a number of new clothing sets, allies and more. The outfits are inspired by Sanrio's iconic characters Cinnamoroll and Kuromi. It'll also include a new SR Ally: Larry - Night Obsession.

Life Makeover is, naturally, focused on the dress-up and personal romance gameplay that seems so prevalent in story-based games these days. To that end, you can collect dozens of outfits to dress your player character in.

The outfits added in this collaboration include 5-Star Set - [Cinnamoroll - Fluffy Love], 5-Star Set - [Kuromi - Cool Lava] and the addition of a new lightchase event with an additional two clothing sets, 6-Star Set - [Glaze Deer Tale] and 6-Star Set - [Chanting Dew]. The event is available from the time of writing through to April 9th. 
The 'not hello kitty' characters
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Sometimes it's difficult to remember that Sanrio isn't just the company behind Hello Kitty, given how utterly world-encompassing that merchandisable cat is. But they also boast an equally famous lineup of adorable mascots.

So you're sure to see plenty of people coming to Life Makeover purely for the addition of Cinnamoroll and Kuromi-themed merchandise. Yet their more famous cousin still pulls in the big bucks, especially with Hello Kitty having their own themed games like Hello Kitty Island Adventure, which prove to be equally as famous.

Most recently Life Makeover received the Heartfelt Vows update which added numerous new costumes.

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