Legions of Chaos is an idle RPG, now available on Android in early access

Legions of Chaos is an idle RPG, now available on Android in early access
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Mobile developer and publisher ALL9FUN Limited has released its latest idle RPG Legions of Chaos on Android, in early access globally.

About the game

Legions of Chaos is a 3D idle RPG based on epic dark fantasy developed and published by ALL9FUN Limited. The game sees players exploring and completing challenges and dungeons alongside a team that they will have to build.

The story is about a prince who gathered power from darkness and started a war against the Kingdom of Human. You will play the role of commander of King of Devils. As the story unfolds, you will enjoy the nonstop adventures, claim rewards, and level up even when you are AFK.

Legions of Chaos is out now on Android in early access

Players worldwide can now download and try Legions of Chaos as it is available to download from Google Play. However, it is important to remember that it is in early access, meaning it's still under development.

The developers have confirmed that the early access version will be live until February 22nd, 2022. Unfortunately, they did not provide any details about the iOS release.

They also announced in-game rewards for anyone who downloads and plays the Legions of Chaos' early access. Players can drop a comment mentioning their in-game player ID on the game's official Facebook page to get these rewards.

Final Words

Legions of Chaos is a new 3D idle RPG that will attract RPG lovers. Now that it's available in early access, players can give it a go and provide feedback to the developers. Also, if you have decided to give it a try, then don't forget to collect the in-game rewards from the game's official fan page; it will come in handy to quickly progress.

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