Legendino: Dinosaur Battle lets you collect and evolve dinos for battle, now open for pre-registration

Legendino: Dinosaur Battle lets you collect and evolve dinos for battle, now open for pre-registration

Brawling with your besties in virtual lands is one thing - going head-to-head using gigantic supercharged dinosaurs is another. It’s an epic clash of titans with Legendino: Dinosaur Battle, now available for pre-registration. This fast-paced title from the makers of SwordMaster Story lets you collect and evolve dinosaurs, then sic them on your friends in thrilling online PvP matches.

SuperPlanet’s real-time turn-based strategy game is actually based on Jules Verne's novel, “Journey To The Center Of The Earth”. The main character sets off on an epic journey to explore the Lost World and discovers a great big unknown. Players can fight to become the ultimate Dino Master as they collect and grow dino buddies and engage in 3v3 PVP dinosaur battles.

There are over 160 unique dinosaurs to collect, with Water, Fire, Forest, Light, and Darkness attributes. Every so often, and if the RNG gods are in your favour, you might stumble upon legendary creatures with unparalleled power such as the Gladior and Kustaris.

The battles are turn-based and use a rock-paper-scissors mechanic. You can choose from three moves: Soul Charge, Attack, and Defense. Aside from these basic skills, you can combine a few of them to unleash higher-level attacks with the Skill Combination System. For instance, combining two attacks can unleash a Strong Attack, while combining an attack and a defense move can create a Counterattack.

You can pre-register for Legendino: Dinosaur Battle on the App Store and on Google Play ahead of the game’s launch. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. The game will also reward players with in-game prizes such as Gemstones x1000, Dino Feed x100, and 4-Star Mag-Jr. (Fire) and Gold x50K through various events to celebrate the official launch.

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