Legend of Astra is a new mobile RPG out now in Thailand on both Android and iOS

Legend of Astra is a new mobile RPG out now in Thailand on both Android and iOS
| Legend of Astra

Legend of Astra is a brand new mobile RPG set in a fantasy world called Astra where humans, monsters, and other magical creatures coexist. Players will go on a quest to find the treasures left by the gods of the past, seal away the evil, and bring back peace.

Game features

Legend of Astra will allow players to gather allies who can join them in their adventure and practice hard together or formulate new strategies. It also has a strong community that allows players to chat, exchange items, and even play with each other.

Many elements are also available that allow players to grow, like the enhancement system, item forging, fusion, and mining/storage. Various rewards are also included that can be obtained by players.

Legend of Astra also features different game modes that can support up to five players, like defense mode, live guild wars, and boss raids, where players have to use strategy while combining forces to emerge victorious.

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Game download

Legend of Astra is currently only available to download for Android and iOS users in Thailand through Google Play or the App Store. However, the game’s APK is available to download for users in other regions.

Final Words

Legend of Astra has perfectly integrated various components that provide a rich social experience. The inclusion of such social aspects in both the gameplay and outside of it through a strong community is a prime example of this.

Besides the social elements, it also offers many other interesting features like the various growth options for players and the chance to win various rewards as well. All these features help in making the game more uncomplicated and engaging for players.

The multiple game modes that are available for players in Legend of Astra also deserve to be highlighted. Offering such different type of modes not only increases the options for players but also make the game less stale and more enjoyable in the long term.

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