League of Masters: Auto Chess is an upcoming PvP and PvE battler with RPG elements

Heading to mobile devices soon

League of Masters: Auto Chess is an upcoming PvP and PvE battler with RPG elements
  • Auto chess battler combined with RPG mechanics
  • Currently soft-launched in Canada
  • Will release on Android, iOS, and PC in a few months

ActionPay has just announced their latest project, League of Masters: Auto Chess, a thrilling PvP battler that aims to bring out the grandmaster in you. The title is still in the soft launch phase in Canada, but it should be available on Android, iOS, and PC in the next few months. It combines RPG mechanics with a tactical approach, where the power of your commanders determines your chance of victory.

In League of Masters: Auto Chess, the clock goes back millions of years to a time when magical creatures ruled the planet. Besides humans, other species such as elves, orcs, dwarves, and jinns among several other types existed. A total of 12 distinctive commanders are available from here to be picked in battle.

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The title is an auto battler and features an immersive PvE campaign mode. It sees you dive right into the chaos and fight against it, as you enter the battlefield with several allies by your side. There are more than 50 fighters, all boasting diverse abilities, hungry for war.

In terms of gameplay, battles are dynamic and last between 15 and 20 minutes. You create a squad of your choice, where characters can be combined in order to increase their strength. Related fighters will further grant extra bonuses when picked together. You can purchase more heroes from the fighters' shop.

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You must save the world from evil, and that’s possible only by planning your moves strategically. Battles will be flashy and full of pomp. Besides the PvE campaign, you can also raid enemy castles if you wish to go at it alone. If you're in a more competitive mood, then take part in the exhilarating PvP battles against other teams in the arena.

We’re still a few months away from the release of League of Masters: Auto Chess. If you're interested, you can check out the Play Store page by clicking on the link below.

Tanish Botadkar
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