League of Angels: Chaos, a new mobile MMORPG, opens up for pre-registration

League of Angels: Chaos, a new mobile MMORPG, opens up for pre-registration

Developer Yoozoo Games, maker of Dynasty Scrolls and Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, announced their newest game today; League of Angels: Chaos.

League of Angels: Chaos will be a mobile action MMORPG, focusing on the MMO part especially. Due to the wide success massive multiplayer online games have seen on mobile devices, the primary focus will be on community and PVP combat. Those alongside a player-driven auction house function, where players can buy and sell various items based on prices they set, shows that this portion of the game is going to play a massive part.

Speaking on the actual gameplay, there will be instances alongside bosses and raids that each will drop you loot. You’ll then take the dropped loot, be it gear or upgrade materials, and use these to upgrade your character to take on even better challenges, like the various PVP game modes. To begin with, you’ll choose between three starter classes which consist of Dragoon, a champion of justice who wields massive blades on each hand, Mage, an elemental master who can unleash devastating spells on his foes, and the Archer, a deadly marksman who never misses her mark.

All of these options will come in handy if you choose to pursue the PVP or co-op game modes especially. These game modes involve cross-server conquests with guilds you can join that will be made up of cooperative raids. On the competitive side of things, you can also fight in cross-server PVP battlegrounds, which will be a server-based competitive ladder that you must fight your way up to earn exclusive rewards and earn glory for your server.

With all these features in mind, League of Angels: Chaos could be the next big title in the mobile MMO space, so if you want to get involved give it a look and pre-register on Google Play globally. The game is also running a pre-register campaign, with a large number of in-game rewards being given out for free if they reach a certain amount of pre-registrations.

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