Leaf Trombone tops 100,000 online performances

iPhone music game finding favour among players

Leaf Trombone tops 100,000 online performances

iPhone developer Smule has revealed that its Leaf Trombone World Stage game is already outpacing its Ocarina app when it comes to online participation.

So far, Leaf Trombonists (as they're known) have performed more than 100,000 times on the game's World Stage, which involves having their tromboning skills judged by other players.

What's more, players have created "more than 1,442" compositions using Smule's online Leaf Trombone Composer site in just two weeks - compared to 1,450 created for Ocarina in the six months since that app's release.

That said, players can import existing Ocarina scores, so perhaps that's not surprising. Smule says popular ditties include Oh Canada, Super Mario Brothers Theme and Auld Lang Syne.

Congratulations are in order: Smule's apps might be quirky, but they're pushing the iPhone platform in terms of connectivity and community, which is a good thing indeed.