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Kiss in Hell review - " A decent otome game brought down by the push to pay"

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Kiss in Hell review - " A decent otome game brought down by the push to pay"
  • Romance the four demon Lords you are tasked with guarding.
  • The character's personalities feel flat.
  • You'll spend way too much time watching ads.

Let's face it: finding love is hard. Whether you're in a steady relationship, single and looking, or suffering from dating app fatigue, building and maintaining romantic relationships takes a lot of work. Luckily, Otome games, like Kiss in Hell, let you romance characters without any of the downsides of dating.

Kiss in Hell is a new steamy mobile Otome game from StoryTaco Inc., in which you play as someone named Rainya. After awakening from an intense dream, you find yourself thrust into the role of guard at Pandemonium, a demon prison run by angels. An angel by the name of Michael tasks you with guarding four powerful demons and keeping their rage in check. While you believe yourself to be a regular human, you strangely seem to have some sway over these demon lords.

A Steamy Plot

Kiss in Hell is one steamy dating sim. Most dating slims are slow burns that build up to physical intimacy over time. But the lustful demon gentlemen in this particular title have no such patience. There are some premium choices you can make on one of your first dates that can really spice things up. Even some of the free dialogue choices lead to sensual situations.

Rainya and Leviathan about to kiss.

If you've never played an Otome game before or prefer an old-school courtship, you probably won't enjoy this game too much. While the game relies on sensuality rather than explicit imagery, I'd still firmly place this title in the NSFW zone.

Kiss in Hell's Dreamy Demons

This dating sim features four delicious demons for you to sink your teeth into, or perhaps, more accurately, who can sink their teeth into you. First, there's Mammon, a demon of greed who has violet hair and wears a studded leather jacket over a very short crop top. Then there is Asmodeus, the demon of lust who sports a white dress shirt that matches his hair.

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Satan is a demon of wrath with fiery red hair, while Leviathan, a demon of jealousy, has green hair and wears a white vest. As a demon of wrath, Satan tends to be more aloof than the other demons, unlike the other demons, who at times seem to blend. While each demon lord is devilishly handsome, their personalities are regrettably forgetful.

Side by side close-ups of Leviathan, Mammon, Satan and Asmodeus.

Like most dating sim games, Kiss in Hell is divided into chapters. Each chapter, on average, takes only five to ten minutes to play through. However, your playtime can be slightly affected by choosing premium dialogue options. Typically, you'll have two or three dialogue options. However, often, one or more will be premium dialogue options, meaning you'll need to spend some gems to choose them. While this is a standard tactic in dating sim games, the game makes too many choices premium, especially early on in the game.

Kiss in Hell: A Hellish Cash Grab

One major downside to Kiss in Hell is the way it pushes you to make in-app purchases. While you can play through the game without making any premium decisions, there are times when this narrows you down to one dialogue option, which feels a bit stifling.

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Further, on occasion, between episodes, you'll have to go on a date with one of the demons. The problem here is that these dates cost you 400 gems. You can earn gems by watching ads and can nab 50 gems (or 100 if you watch an ad) for each episode you complete.

Mammon smiling with his eyes shut

However, you likely still won't have enough gems, meaning to progress you either have to sit through a bunch of ads or make an in-app purchase. Yes, the storyline is intriguing, but the need to suffer through endless ads or cough up some cash to continue playing, especially when episodes are so short, just doesn't feel fair.

Kiss in Hell is a supernatural dating sim featuring four beauteous demons for you to woo. While the plot is decent enough, the need to watch ads or make in-app purchases brings the game down. Further, the game would benefit from offering more non-premium dialogue options. Still, if you're looking for a spicy romance game and don't mind sitting through advertisements, then Kiss in Hell may be just what you're looking for.

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Kiss in Hell review - " A decent otome game brought down by the push to pay"

Kiss in Hell is an Otome game with an intriguing plot brought down by characters with bland personalities and in-app purchases.
Jack Brassell
Jack Brassell
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