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Why this Christmas is the perfect time to delve into King’s Raid

There’s a hero-shaped present under the tree with your name on it…

Why this Christmas is the perfect time to delve into King’s Raid

Released in 2017, King’s Raid is a fantasy RPG that's been winning hearts with its combination of high quality 3D heroes, raging battle contents, and stunning 3D graphics & illustrations. Since it stormed onto mobile, developer Vespa has offered up plenty of updates to keep things fresh and exciting, and this Christmas is no different. Expect festive costumes, a special dungeon event, a new hero and much more to unwrap. But, if you’re new to King’s Raid, you might want to know what all the fuss is about. Here are the ins and outs.

The story of King’s Raid starts with a journey of various heroes seeking to defend against creeping evil trying to overtake the land of Orvelia. The ‘chosen warrior’ Kasel is the focus - as well as your first hero - and successive story chapters introduce a cohort of eccentric friends and foes to his journey. The cutscene dialogue between these heroes is light-hearted, anime-inspired and entertaining, so don’t be too quick to skip.

Your heroes come in 7 different classes, and are represented by collectable cards. These are used to summon your selected party into the 3D battlefield, ready to take on whatever weird and wonderful monsters lie ahead. The bulk of the battles in King’s Raid are automated (save for special skills you can trigger manually), so your success usually depends on equipping your heroes with the best weapons and choosing which heroes you send into the fray wisely.

To get your hands on that killer equipment and the hottest heroes so you can progress, you’ll be spending plenty of time grinding outside Story Mode. Fight your way through dungeons during co-op raids and bump heads with rival players in PvP contests, then spend your hard-earned in-game currency on new heroes, or evolving your existing ones. And when you’re not fighting, you’ll probably find yourself playing dress-up; there are loads of costumes to collect for your heroes, from the quirky to the racy.

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Speaking of costumes, the Christmas update has introduced a few festive get-ups to kit your heroes out in, as well as a Christmas raid event. It’s also introduced a new hero, Nia — a feral forest-dwelling girl with claws to make Wolverine jealous. But there are more heroes still to unwrap; Lavril and Esker will be among the first new heroes of 2019. ’Tis the season to join the battle, then.

Download King’s Raid for free now on iOS and Android.