This right here is everything you need to know about Kingdom Rush Vengeance for iOS and Android

Vengeance will be yours

This right here is everything you need to know about Kingdom Rush Vengeance for iOS and Android

The game we're really excited about coming out this week is the incredible-looking Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Why are we so excited? Well, you can click here to find out, but in summary - Ironhide Games returns to tower defence after changing the RTS landscape with Iron Marines.

But we also want to make sure that you've got as much information about the game as possible before it comes out this Thursday, November 22nd. And that's where this article comes in - we've done our best to answer all of the questions that we think you're going to want answering.

Of course, we might miss something out. If we do, make sure you post any queries you want solving in the comments section at the bottom of the article. We'll do our best to get you an answer as soon as we can.

What is Kingdom Rush Vengeance?

It's the fourth game in the Kingdom Rush series (following on from Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, and Kingdom Rush Origins). It's being developed by Ironhide Games, who has created all of the other games in the series.

If you're not familiar with the series, here's a brief explainer - Kingdom Rush is one of the finest premium tower defence franchises for mobile. It was one of the first games to introduce hero characters, and most of the ideas it's had since it was first released in 2011 have found their way into the genre.

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As we mentioned in the intro, Ironhide also made Iron Marines. It's one of the best RTS games ever released for iOS and Android, and it blended in plenty of the lessons that Ironhide learned from the Kingdom Rush games to make something really special.

In short then, it's the newest entry to one of the best tower defence franchises, and it's developed by one of the smartest teams working in the mobile sector.

How much is Kingdom Vengeance going to cost?

The game is going to set you back £4.99 / $4.99 for iOS, which means it'll be something like £4.49 / $4.99 for Android. However, there are IAPs in the game. We're not entirely sure what those are, but following on from the other games we'd expect them to be new characters. These can usually be unlocked just through play if you don't want to pay though.

The game is up for preorder on the App Store, so if you want to get a notification on your iPhone or iPad when it's ready to download you just need to click here. And if you want to pre-register your interest on the Google Play Store you can do that with a single click on this link.

What devices will Kingdom Rush Vengeance work on?

According to the App Store page you're going to need an iOS device that can run iOS 9.0 or up. That said, often a device that came with 9.0 can't run new games, so we'd suggest anyone with something lower than a 5S should wait until the game's actually out to make sure they can play it.

For Android, the Google Play Store is as mysterious as usual - the OS you're going to need varies with device. We'd guess anything of a similar age to the 5S would be able to play it, but you'll know more yourself if you check the game out on the Play Store from the device you're going to use to play it.

Will I need WiFi to play Kingdom Rush Vengeance?

You won't. The game's pages on both the App Store and the Google Play Store make it very clear that this is a game you can play offline. That's definitely going to be a plus point for a lot of people, and it's nice to see a developer considering its players when it builds games for them.

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Is there anything else I need to know about Kingdom Rush Vengeance?

We think we've covered everything here, but if you've got more questions you might find the answers to them at the game's official website. But, as we said at the top of the article, feel free to pose any questions you might have in the comments just below. And make sure you check back tomorrow, when we're going to have some more in-depth Kingdom Rush Vengeance content before it launches on Thursday.