Kingdom Rush Vengeance is releasing the Hammerhold DLC on Apple Arcade next month

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is releasing the Hammerhold DLC on Apple Arcade next month

Ironhide Game Studios has just announced that they will be releasing a brand new campaign for Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Titled Hammerhold, this new questline will launch exclusively on Apple Arcade in December 2023. Players can expect a lot of new content in the form of five new levels, enemies, heroes, thrilling boss fights, and much more.

Hammerhold is the kingdom’s last bastion and Kingdom Rush Vengeance players are in for a big surprise. The Dark Lord plans to catch the Legionnaire resistance off guard by striking at the desert shores. Players will be the ones in command of the Dark Army’s towers and champions as they take part in epic missions. Exhilarating combat awaits everyone as the Kingdom’s bravest heroes return.

The DLC comes with five new stages taking place in the desert. Once players land at the desert’s shores, they must fight through armies before getting a break at the Sape Oasis. Pyramids are also waiting to be explored as players try to seize all of Hammerhold. On their way, they will find more than ten new enemy types, including assassins, war elephants, djinns, and even magic carpets.

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That’s not all because there are three mini-bosses and a final boss at the end of it all. But it’s not like you're without support as another character joins the ranks. Welcome Isfet to the squad, who is a mummy warlock that brings a number of spells and curses to the fray. Plus, the Sandworm Hollows will also be added. They will trap everything in their paths, friends included, so beware.

To top it off, the update will build on the lore of the game with loads of easter eggs dotted everywhere. Don’t forget to go after the new achievements as well.

The Hammerhold DLC in Kingdom Rush Vengeance releases on December 7th.


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