PvP platformer King of Thieves headed to iOS next week

Android soon after

PvP platformer King of Thieves headed to iOS next week
| King of Thieves

ZeptoLab announced King of Thieves late last month, described by the Cut the Rope creators as a mix of PvP, platforming, and tower defense.

According to a new Facebook post, the game will arrive on the App Store next week, February 12th, and then later on the Amazon Appstore on February 26th.

A Google Play version is set to happen on March 5th, compatible with Android TV.

The developers also revealed a bit more about what the game is about.

Besides being your typical platformer, King of Thieves also offers level creation for designing your own dungeons.

If you can beat your own dungeon twice in a row, the game then lets other players have a go at trying to get through and steal your treasure.

You can also jump into other players' dungeons and try to loot their goods yourself.

It actually sounds an awful lot like The Castle Doctrine by Jason Rohrer, only a lot less menacing with its visuals

You can find more info on the King of Thieves Facebook page and Twitter.