KartRider: Drift's mid-season update will introduce a number of improvements and new game mode

KartRider: Drift's mid-season update will introduce a number of improvements and new game mode

Nexon has just released a mid-season update for the recently launched title, KartRider: Drift. The racing game debuted last month with its first season and this update is set to bring some improvements to the game. Players will find changes in a bunch of karts regarding their upgrade costs and performance.

Kart Upgrade Costs

The system will give players the opportunity to fine-tune their ride to increase driving performance and achieve maximum performance. This update will reset the Lucci (in-game currency) required to reset a kart’s gears at a fixed rate of 5,000. Currently, it scales according to rank and can go as high as 14,000 Lucci.

Kart Balancing

Karts being rebalanced with this update will ensure that each one has something unique to offer. The License system missions and Racing Pass granted four karts and now all of them will have distinctive characteristics. This helps create some diversity between the vehicles and also maintains fairness of the existing ones.

New Content

Improvements aren’t the only agenda of the update. It will also feature numerous mid-season drops in the form of new content like a brand-new game mode called Factory Run. It takes the factory theme from the first season and puts four players against 36 AI racers in a massive contest.

Similar to the Item Mode, players start off normally by gathering things that can be used to one-up other racers. But, if enough AI drivers overtake you, then players will transform into an android kart, which has only one goal – to knock former teammates out of the race.

So, remember that players may enter Factory Mode with three others, but no one is your friend. It offers a thrilling way of enjoying fast-paced action and embracing all the chaos.

Check out all the improvements and the new additions by downloading KartRider Drift now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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