KartRider: Drift launches season 5 with a collaboration with Blackpink

KartRider: Drift launches season 5 with a collaboration with Blackpink

Nexon has just announced the release of a new season for their popular cross-platform kart racer, KartRider: Drift. The game is entering its fifth season with a special collaboration with the popular South Korean girl group, Blackpink. Racing counterparts of everyone’s favourite K-pop members will be present alongside new tracks and events.

Season 5 in KartRider: Drift features global superstars from Blackpink in the limelight. Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa are all joining the title. They are bringing with them two new skins, emotes, and decals for each member alongside the Pink Venom Supercar kart. In addition, players can also get their hands on a 4-set Blackpink Balloon Pack just by logging into the game.

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Besides the collaboration characters, players can also look forward to new tracks, with season 5 adding a whopping eight of them. Two extra ones join the Graveyard and Factory themes each, and there’s also the new Moonhill area which is a gorgeous area full of stunning skylines, long tunnels, and chaotic streets. The Moonhill area has been divided into four distinctive tracks.

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Further, the season welcomes the racing pass, allowing players to earn a tonne of freebies just by clearing quests and earning trophies. Of course, all the better and more valuable items are behind a paywall, as part of the Premium Pass. Some of the exclusive rewards include the Wolf Mask Raptor R, and the Polar Bear Uni and Monster rewards.

Various other events will also be added over the next few weeks. The Super Moonhill event tasks players with participating in different game modes, with the Golden Moon Kart and Moonhill decals as rewards. For some more goodies, the Daily Rewards Section is perfect as it grants special items like the Younger Twin Raptor L, Older Twin Raptor R, and Shovel Balloons.

Explore the new season by downloading KartRider: Drift now for free.

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