KartRider: Drift launches mid-season update for Season 3: Catch Me if You Can, featuring new tracks

KartRider: Drift launches mid-season update for Season 3: Catch Me if You Can, featuring new tracks

We’re about halfway through KartRider: Drift’s third season, Catch Me if You Can, which introduced numerous tracks and characters to the recently released kart-racing game. Nexon and Nitro Studios have just pushed another patch, which brings some mid-season content to the title in the form of more racetracks, balance changes, and quality-of-life improvements.

KartRider: Drift’s Catch Me if You Can season already added summer-themed tracks like Hawaii Hula Hula, Venice Gondola Tour, SF Seaplane Base, and Miami Drive when it was released last month. Joining these four are the Forest: Misty Falls and WKC: Mexico Touring Rally, which is part of Nexon’s commitment to adding new courses every month.

In addition, players can now take advantage of the Momentum system, which grants rewards based on Racer Level. By participating in races, players can raise their level, which in turn boosts Momentum. Once enough of it has been obtained, goodies are given, with an upper limit at level 500.

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A couple of other things to look out for include the ability to use emojis during the post-race awards ceremony and the new Quick Chat Favourites toggle that allows for easier communication with friends. Feedback on the newly introduced Flag Racing mode was taken and keeping that in mind, players will now have 2.5 minutes to win five races rather than just two.

Nexon is also giving away freebies to celebrate the game’s third season. Players can get their hands on a Spyder Kart as well as 10,000 Lucci by following the instructions on the event page before August 31st. For similar rewards, be sure to redeem these KartRider: Drift codes for August 2023!

There’s approximately a month left for the completion of KartRider: Drift’s third season. Download the game using your preferred link below. It is free-to-play and features in-app purchases. Catch Season 3’s trailer embedded above and visit the official Twitter page for more information.

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