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Kards, a CCG based on the WW2, is out now on Android and iOS

Kards, a CCG based on the WW2, is out now on Android and iOS
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Kards is 1939 Games’ WWII collectible card game that has garnered immense success on PC over the years. Back in 2021, the developers had announced a mobile port of the game and the wait is finally over because the game is now available on Android and iOS. With a player base of over a million already on PC, Kards is about to get much bigger.

In Kards, players are transported back to the 1940s at they engage in massive warfare on the ground, air, and in the seas. Players must build their army using cards like tanks, artillery, infantry, and aircraft, which have been inspired by vehicles from that era. Players will receive official documentation, specifications, and operational history for each unit in order to understand it at a deeper level.

While historical authenticity is maintained, players are free to reshape the course of history by forming uncanny alliances. For example, players can form an unlikely partnership between US and Japan to strengthen the Pacific stronghold or see how Germany and Britain could wreak havoc over Western Europe together.

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Based on the different mechanics players utilize, the battle will take place. There are options like protecting support assets and taking the fight to enemies by employing a variety of tactics. Some of these include rushing through a Blitzkrieg strategy, gaining air superiority, or holding the line until the opponent’s force can be outproduced and outgunned.

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With the mobile launch, Kars now offers full cross-platform play with easy progress transfer using the Kards account as well. The UI changes to ensure that whether the game is being played on a 4K monitor or a smaller mobile screen, the experience remains just as immersive. Download Kards – The WW2 Card Game now by clicking on your preferred link below.

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