Just Cause Mobile release date and the rest you need to know

Just Cause Mobile release date and the rest you need to know

Just cause mayhem!

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Just Cause Mobile is the portable version of the chaotic, longtime series. In the Just Cause world, you complete different missions and explore open worlds. Along the way, you can cause virtually any kind of damage you want, anywhere you'd like.

It also blends in a nice sense of humour to add to the explosive fun. Four games in, this will be the first time that an official game will be available on mobile. So that means you can shoot, climb, fly, and ride, all right on your phone or tablet.

Just Cause Mobile is loaded with plenty of content (which we'll get to) and it brings back the gear that makes the series so iconic. The wingsuits, parachute, and grappling hooks are back as you explore the open world. And of course, get ready to cause plenty of destruction.

Although there's no official release date for Just Cause Mobile yet, things continue to take shape and with essentially all of the features and story elements announced, the game should be coming sooner rather than later. So hang in there, thrill-seekers (no grappling hook required). 

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Story Mode

A signature aspect of the Just Cause games is its mission-filled story modes featuring unique characters including protagonist Rico Rodriguez. The same will apply to the mobile version of the game but the difference is that you'll create your own character.

But aside from that, you'll be given intel and different missions for you to tackle. The game takes place in a fictional country known as Pradesh. You are recruited by The Agency at the beginning of your journey and then eventually become a Firebrand agent.

The Agency has a conflict with the Darkwater and so many of the missions will involve battling this army of foes throughout your adventures. As with most Just Cause games, you'll be able to make discoveries along the way in Pradesh. There's also a certain character who makes his return and we'll talk about that next.

Rico Returns

Going along with the story in Just Cause Mobile, the aforementioned Rico Rodriguez is back but in a new role, away from the thrills of action. He will be providing intel during missions and as you explore the world with your created character.

Hearing Rico back in the game should be a pleasant addition for longtime Just Cause fans. But wait, there's more! Annika Svensson also makes a triumphant return following her debut in Just Cause 3, which took place on the fictional island of Medici.

Just like with Rico, Annika will provide insight when she can. For fans of Just Cause 3 and the DLC, they'll be glad to see "Ms. Sweden" back in the saddle. There is a surprising twist involving one of these characters though so stay tuned, thrill seeker.

Deep Multiplayer

The reason why I say the online play is deep in Just Cause Mobile is the fact that there are three complete modes dedicated to multiplayer. It's clear that JCM is definitely putting a good emphasis on rallying the troops together for some action.

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One mode is called 'Co-Op Battles' where you can form a team of four players. The goal is to eliminate waves of Darkwater enemies to complete missions. It essentially operates as a survival mode of sorts which we've seen in games over the years. It's a fun way to join forces and rack up the kills as well as practice with different loadouts.

You can also hop into Challenge Mode if you want to blend single-player gaming with some online competition. You'll be able to take part in Destruction, Wingsuit, and Race challenges to try and get the best score you possibly can. Good old arcade-style fun.

Triple Threat

This is another online mode in Just Cause Mobile but it's so big that it's best to give it its own section on this list. Triple Threat is a unique mode that in some ways plays like a mini battle royale. Three teams of 10 battle it out for world domination.

The goal is to secure bases that are around the map. So it plays similarly to the Zones game modes you've seen in other shooters. With 30 players on the battlefield, you can expect things to be as chaotic as you might think when playing.

Vehicles and the rich arsenal of weapons add to this explosive game mode. On top of that, if you play as a clan or with friends, you all can earn rewards together. Don't worry, you'll still earn rewards playing solo with other players as well.

Character Customization

So we did mention this a little bit already but you can create and customize your own character in Just Cause Mobile. The only other Just Cause game that allowed customization was in JC 4 where you could change Rico's apparel but that was about it.

Here, you can build your character, your way right from scratch. Choose your name, and gender, and select your swag and weapons. Of course, you can earn some fresh new gear as you play and level yourself up to the point where you ascend the clouds.

This is a nice change of pace as your soldier will have their own unique story to tell. And of course, if you think you'll miss having Rico in your life, then just know he'll be right by your side to provide comfort and tell you not to get yourself killed in these Pradesh streets.

Accessible From The Start

One of the best things about Just Cause Mobile that will be welcome for gamers is the fact that it's totally free to play. Sure, most mobile games are free but you just never know when the price tag will creep up on you. So yes, you can cause chaos for free!

Another thing that may be a delight for gamers is that the tutorial mission is skippable. It's, in fact, the first Just Cause game that allows you to bypass the beginner mission. Now, if you're brand new to the experience then it might be a good idea to give it a go.

However, we know how exciting it is as a gamer when we fire up a new game so we just want to dive right into the action. If you're that kind of player, then feel free to skip it and learn as you play the actual game itself. Doing a mission or two in the campaign could be an excellent way to practice.

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