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Junkyard Builder is a simulator game coming soon for iOS and Android

Junkyard Builder is a simulator game coming soon for iOS and Android
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PlayWay SA and Freemind Games is releasing Junkyard Simulator as an upcoming simulator game for iOS and Android.

Your goal is to become the owner of the biggest junkyard. You manage the waste dump and build up your junk empire by cleaning up, renewing, building and trading. You can perform makeovers on old rusty cars, convert corroded pipes into bales, and slowly turn a profit on every piece of junk that you can see.

The easiest way to make money in Junkyard Builder is to clean up and segregate, and make sure everything you get your hands on is capable of making you a profit. You can search for lost parts and mix them to create an item which is worth a lot more than its original value. Watch the trailer below to see more of the game in motion.

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If you find an old car or piece of furniture, you can just grab some paint or new materials and make it amazing again. If anything, the core idea of this game seems to be ensuring everything is new and sustainable.

You will also need to invest in new ventures to grow your junk empire, by buying new machines or finding further opportunities to allow the work to proceed faster and easier. Freemind has also teased at some further surprises, such as something special hidden in the big containers which you need to pay the price to find out.

Junkyard Builder is coming soon to iOS and Android, although there isn’t a solid release date confirmed yet, nor any store pages to keep an eye on the game. In the meantime, however, you can watch the game’s development unfold from its official website.

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