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Junkyard Builder is a new simulation game out now for Android and iOS

Become the leader...of a Junkyard!

Junkyard Builder is a new simulation game out now for Android and iOS

We’ve all played games where we’re managing a restaurant, a hotel, a boutique, a theme park, and the list is endless. But have you ever managed a junkyard? Yes, you heard me right. 

If not, then this is your chance. Junkyard Builder is FreeMind Games’ new simulator where you are the owner of the biggest junkyard. You step into the junk empire as a boss and have to manage and grow it into the most profitable junkyard ever!

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Picture this. There is an empty and abandoned lot that is hated by everyone. No one has an interest in this junkyard. But then you come along, look at it and say, “It's free real estate!”. Your business mind looks at this lot and thinks that business is going to boom when you make this into the hottest junkyard in town!

Now, you gotta get the lot ready to begin filling it with trash. Makeover time! Sell those rusty cars and corroded pipes on the lot. You’re in a sea of junk here. All you need to do is pick something, give some kind of beauty to it, and let that sweet dough roll in.

Learn to separate and segregate. The paper goes in blue whilst metals and plastic belong in yellow. Assemble a bunch of junk together to create something that will sell for a larger profit. Take some paint and refurbish some old cards and furniture. It's all about working smart.

Once you get some cash flowing, it’s time to invest. Pick up some new and bigger equipment to make the waste processing more efficient. That’s all it will take to create the perfect junk empire.

Along the way, you will learn about the different types of waste and how they’re all processed as well. Learning and earning!

So, download Junkyard Builder for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store and become the junkyard boss you were meant to be!

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