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Jumper Jon

Available on: iOS + Apple Arcade


Jumper Jon offers a new time concept never seen in the Metroidvania genre before.

Take the role of Jon and get into Hell to explore and find the beautiful Jane. Everything played in 30 second chunks.

Jumper Jon is an adventure that will be released as individual chapters.

Jumper Jon version 1.0 of the game will include the first chapter of the game.

With each major update, a new chapter will be introduced to game and will increase the overall size of the adventure.

Jon is a tiny devil who lives in limbo, one day something fell from above and caused a big impact, Jon decided to investigate and found that it was a girl named Jane. Together they will discover the source of the unbalance between good and evil on Earth and fight against it.

Game features

• Metroidvania adventure with a unique gameplay concept!
• Discover a great and intriguing story!
• Find special items and abilities and explore the Hell!
• Rescue Souls to get collectable trophies!
• Simple and intuitive game controls!
• Beautiful cartoon styled graphics!
• Awesome original soundtrack!

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