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Jump Trials is one of those franchises that started off as a good idea in need of numerous tweaks. The tweaks have duly been applied and the series has blossomed.

Jump Trials Supreme is the third in this speedrunning platform series, and it's as meticulously designed as you'd expect.

Jump! Jump! Jump!

This is a game all about, well, jumping. And trials.

You guide a Game-and-Watch style character through a series of increasingly difficult ten-second levels, aiming to reach the end button in as short a time as possible.

Along the way there are obstacles, traps, and many different types of platform to navigate. That ten-second limit never changes, though, so you're always tackling the world in bite-size chunks.

It's not just about getting to the end before ten seconds is up. Bronze, silver and gold medals are available to plucky bounders who can get to the end post-haste.

And what gives Jump Trials Supreme that "one more go" edge is the online leaderboards. If you're a competitive soul you'll desperately want to go back and improve your scores to climb the ranks and become one of the top Jump Trials pros.

Reigns supreme

Jump Trials Supreme is a wonderfully streamlined experience. You can hit a 'quick restart' button on the touchscreen to instantly set a level rolling again, and the menu system is clean and well designed.

Overall, the game feels lovingly polished and varied, and you'll find yourself blasting through its various game modes in the space of a few evenings.

What it needs now is just that little bit more streamlining. The online leaderboards are great, but it's a pain that you have to exit out to the menu, hit 'leaderboards', and then upload your scores.

We'd love to see online scores downloaded and then shown at the start or end of each level, so you know what to aim for at a glance. Ghost runs would be great too, showing how your friends have been tackling each level.

But this is a great game even without those wishlist items. If you're looking for a hot-footed platformer for the 3DS, Jump Trials Supreme certainly won't disappoint.

Jump Trials Supreme

Jump Trials Supreme is nippy, bite-size, and polished to hell. Well worth a gander, especially if you love your speedrunning platformers