Sponsored Feature: Just Funny Games on how Jake Escapes will climb up the App Store rankings

The great escape

Sponsored Feature: Just Funny Games on how Jake Escapes will climb up the App Store rankings
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Just Funny Games is hoping that Jake Escapes can successfully leap over other endless jumping games on mobiles, thanks to its shift in focus away from the traditional high scoring gameplay of its peers.

We spoke to Fabio Poli, CEO at Just Funny Games, about Jake Escapes' self-contained levels and the attention to story that could help it reach great heights.


In Jake Escapes, you play as the titular thief extraordinaire, attempting to swiftly climb to the tops of ridiculously high buildings by leaping from window ledge to window ledge.

At the same time, Jake will retrieve objects, dodge obstacles, and, most importantly, avoid Bob, the highly skilled US government agent who's hot on his trail.

The aim of all this leaping is to escape from both Bob and various crime organizations all around the world, with your mission aided by your trustworthy comrade and eccentric scientist, Doc.

Stepping stones

Poli hopes that part of the unique appeal of Jake Escapes will be down to its quirky characters and humour - an aspect you'd probably expect from a company with 'Just Funny' in their name.

But every team of developers has their influences, so we asked Poli which aspects from other games had provided a source of inspiration for this release.

"The concept of the game for Jake Escapes, was not inspired by any particular title" he says, "but I would say that the design of the main character was created with the Monkey Island saga, specifically lead character Guybrush Threepwood, in mind."

For Just Funny Games, the main challenge faced by the team "was to create a game like no other, something original”.

"We decided to give a cinematographic style to the game. Jake Escapes is more than a game - it’s a story, with a lot of comic-style cutscenes, and character".


As you move around the world map in Jake Escapes, you collect different objects that reflect the culture of that particular city.

"The game is being developed as we speak, it’s an open project," Poli says, "at present you can download a game with three locations and many levels, but we’ll periodically release upgrades that will add new locations, enemies and challenges.

"The idea is to cover the whole world, with locations set in the most significant and famous cities."

Android engaged

Finally, we wanted to know if the team had a particularly favourite feature within the game and exactly what we could expect to see in the near future from Jake Escapes.

"We really love the comics strips within the game and the story itself," Poli says, "it’s not a unique feature, of course, but... not many mobile games have this attitude.

And what does the future hold for Jake Escapes? Well, if you're an Android owner, you're in luck, as the game will be available on the Google platform "next month", with Mac and PC versions following after.

Jake Escapes in available in the App Store now, and costs £1.49 / $1.99 [iTunes link].

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