iPhone has iSniper 3D Episode 1 in its sights

Developer taking more pot shots at the App Store

iPhone has iSniper 3D Episode 1 in its sights
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Sniper games aren't a new concept on the iPhone, with plenty of titles on the App Store turning the touchscreen and accelerometer into a high-powered rifle with a wobbly crosshair for you to peep through.

So, although iSniper 3D might not be a particularly revolutionary concept, it comes to us from the same developer that brought us the hugely popular iSniper (which has enjoyed a staggering 12 million downloads including the Lite version) and Operation iWolf already on the App Store, so this is likely to be an interesting refinement of the long-distance shooter subgenre.

iSniper 3D has strong overtones of classic 3D shooters such as Virtua Cop and Silent Scope, along with a subtle back story about your sharpshooter’s life of turmoil, customisable weapons and multiple game modes.

The developer has just submitted episode one of iSniper 3D to Apple and promises new episodes every month. In the meantime, check out the trailer below for iSniper 3D Episode 1, and give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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