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Top 10 best endless-runners for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Power through the wall

Top 10 best endless-runners for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Now, you may be a little sick of endless-runners.

Each and every week, more and more of them pop up on Apple's App Store.

And, sure, the majority of them are mediocre, to say the least.

Still, there are some truly great 'endless' titles available to download from Apple's digital store. In fact, there are more than you probably think.

Here are ten of the best. If you don't already own any of the titles below, you should rectify your mistake immediately.

Jetpack Joyride
By Halfbrick - download for iPhone and iPad

You're Halfbrick's foul-mouthed mascot Barry Steakfries and your mission - if you choose to accept it - is to escape from Legitimate Research's hostile lab with the futuristic experimental jet pack that you've just stolen.

Naturally, the long endless corridor that stands between you and freedom is littered with hazards like missiles and laser beams. Drats.

Temple Run 2
By Imangi Studios - download for iPhone and iPad

In Temple Run 2, much like in its predecessor, you swipe on your device's screen in various directions in order to help your adventurer safely navigate dilapidated ruins and stay one step ahead of his animal pursuer.

This sequel does contain some new features, mind.

You can jump into a mine cart and re-enact that infamous sequence from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as you barrel headlong through an abandoned mine, for example.

Sonic Dash
By Hardlight - download for iPhone and iPad

Yup, even Sega's infamous Blue Blur has his own endless-running title these days.

In Sonic Dash, you - as you can probably already guess - have to sprint for as long as you possibly can, picking up the franchise's popular Gold Rings along the way.

These Rings enable you to unlock new characters and power-ups, including boosts, which somehow make the fastest hedgehog in the world even faster.

Outland Games
By Uber Entertainment - buy for iPhone and iPad

This endless-runner from the creator of Monday Night Combat features characters from the third-person Xbox Live sports title.

Playing as one such character, you must learn to survive in the Outlands, a derelict wasteland that's situated beyond the confines of the Monday Night Combat stadium.

This wilderness is filled with hazards and mechs that are out to get you.

Into the Dead

By PikPok Games - download for iPhone and iPad

Into the Dead isn't your standard endless-runner. For starters, you view the game through the eyes of its protagonist, who's trapped in a dangerous world overrun with the walking dead.

Luckily, you aren't completely defenceless. You do have a range of semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons (remember: aim for the head) at your disposal, as well as several perks.

Catch the Ark
By Playside Studios - download for iPhone and iPad

A biblical flood threatens your survival, and Noah (who's not as nice as some books may make out) has refused you access to his massive ark.

What do you do?

You craft a small raft with a couple of your colourful friends; brave rapids and other bloodcurdling hazards; and chase after the floating wooden paradise, of course.

Knightmare Tower
By Juicy Beast Studio - buy for iPhone and iPad

Like in Doodle Jump, your aim in Knightmare Tower is to travel upwards as far as you possibly can before you eventually plummet to an untimely but guaranteed death.

Unlike in Lima Sky's abovementioned endless-jumper, however, there are no platforms in Knightmare Tower.

Instead, you have to use the enemies that chase you as makeshift trampolines, and use them to propel yourself to safety.

Dead Ahead
By Mobirate - download for iPhone and iPad

Can you multi-task?

If not, you're not going to get very far in Dead Ahead.

In this game, you see, you're tasked with fighting off hordes of flesh-eating geeks as you attempt to steer around abandoned cars and keep your vehicle on the road.

On the subject of vehicles, you begin the game with a pretty wimpy scooter. You can, however, pimp your ride like a Tim Westwood wannabe and upgrade your weapons as you play.

Time Surfer
By Kumobius - buy for iPhone and iPad

Time Surfer features a pretty unique gameplay mechanic for an endless-running title.

Let me explain...

If you accidentally career into a bottomless pit, impale yourself on a sharp spike, or just miss a power-up that has really tickled your fancy, you can rewind time and take a second stab at things.

Worm Run
By Golden Ruby Games - buy for iPhone and iPad

Your aim in this game is to stay one step ahead of the Tremors-esque worm creature that's hot on your tail and ready to gobble you up whole.

You do this by moving through the game's procedurally generated environments as fast as you possibly can, while utilising power-ups to slow down the non-arthropod invertebrate for just a few seconds.