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Invincible: Guarding the Globe tier list and reroll guide

Invincible: Guarding the Globe tier list and reroll guide

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Updated on: June 13th, 2024 - Checked for new characters

To all the new (or returning) players who love a good superhero game, we bring you the most accurate Invincible: Guarding the Globe tier list!

In the next few pages, you'll find out the best heroes to pick for your team, and why you should go for them. Of course, as that implies, we'll also give you the list of heroes to steer clear of because they are not that strong.

How we are ranking the heroes

For the ones who don't really know how a tier list works, let's clear some things up. We have ranked all the heroes in the game based on their performance. Other than our own personal experience playing the game, we also took into consideration the opinion of the community (e.g. fellow players or content creators.) in an effort to create an unbiased Invincible tier list.

The strongest heroes will be listed in the S tier, and that's the ones you should always aim to have on your team. While the strongest ones are in the S tier, the opposite is happening at the other end of our tier list, in the D tier. Pretty simple, right?

If you are a new player, read the Invincible: Guarding the Globe tips for not dying in a Viltrumite attack!

OK, with all that out of the way, let's get into our Invicible: Guarding the Globe tier list!

S Tier A Tier  |  B Tier  |  C Tier  |  D Tier

Reroll Guide

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Invincible, Robot, War Woman, Dupli-Kate attacking Flaxan Leader.

Image Credits: Ubisoft

Hero Role
Atom EveSupport
The ImmortalDefender
Red RushSupport
Shrinking RaeAttacker
Angstrom LevySupport

These are the very best heroes in the game. If you just started playing Invicibles: Guarding the Globe, you should know that these are the heroes you should try to get. Now, what makes them the best? Their skills and stats. Pretty simple. And, they perform amazingly well in every scenario.

To point out a few of them, Invicible is a powerful attacker hero who can dish out A LOT of damage. On top of that, he's also durable. Meaning, he won't go down that easy.

Immortal is arguably the best hero in the game as he can reduce the damage taken by your team, plus he has self-sustain. Pretty overpowered overall.


Portrait of Battle Beast

Image Credits: Ubisoft

Hero Role
Doc SeismicAttacker
War WomanAttacker
Red SplodeAttacker
Monster GirlDefender
Black SamsonDefender
Green GhostSupport

Not as dominant as the S-Tier heroes, but still strong enough to carry you through most of the game's content. Of course, we are talking about our A-Tier heroes. If you get any of them in the very early stages of the game they will help you clear content a lot easier and faster than you normally would. Even in the very late stages, they can be great complementary pieces to your team.

To give you some examples, Robot is a great support hero overall. He can heal his allies, but also inflict negative effects on his enemies. So, if you are looking for a hero to round up your team, give him a try. On the other hand, Darkwing is an excellent attacker who can help you win fights, especially against the World Beyond faction thanks to his bonus.


Invincible and Atom Eve flying while there's smoke underneath them.

Image Credits: Ubisoft

Hero Role
Flaxan LeaderDefender
Mauler TwinAttacker
Mauler TwinAttacker
Damian DarkbloodAttacker

B-Tier heroes even though are average at best, they can be proved quite useful in certain scenarios. For example, as complementary pieces to round up your team. Even though in the later stages of the game you won't bother with them at all but, during the early to mid stages, they can be good enough to help you clear content.

Dupli-Kate is the hero you get once you start the game. As a melee attacker, she has the ability to swam the opponents by creating multiple copies of herself.


Cecil Steadman handing over something that looks like a tablet

Image Credits: Ubisoft

Hero Role
Tether TyrantDefender

So, these heroes are not very good. Actually, they are below average in terms of performance as it pertains to endgame content, thus their low ranking on the Invincible tier list. That said, as a new player, you might have to use some of them during the early stages of the game and that's fine. Just don't bother too much with these heroes and try to switch them for better ones as soon as you can.

Aquarus can be proven to be helpful against certain opponents thanks to his abilities that allow him to shorten the duration of debuffs from the team. He can also remove buffs from the enemies.


One image spit in 3 sections showing various battles involving the heroes from Invincible: Guarding the Globe

Image Credits: Ubisoft

Hero Role
Martian Man Support
Flaxan SoldierAttacker
Upgraded ReanimanAttacker

Well, there are bad performing heroes in every game and it's the same in Invincible: Guarding the Globe. D-Tier includes the worst ones. Don't bother with them at all.

Reaniman and Upgraded Reaniman are melee attackers that can frontline your team and swarm the opponents.

How to perform a reroll in Invincible: Guarding the Globe

If you don't get your desired heroes from the gacha, all you have to do is perform what is known as a reroll. How do you preform a reroll in Invincible: Guarding the Globe? It's pretty simple, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Launch Invincible: Guarding the Globe on your device (mobile or emulator)
  • Follow the tutorial
  • After the battle against Flaxan Leader, you will unlock the gacha system
  • Use your available resources to perform pulls from the banner. If you don't get the heroes that you like, it's time to start again!.
  • Tap on your Level at the top left of your screen and open the settings menu.
  • Select "Delete Account" and confirm your choice.
Screenshot of the settings menu in Invincible: Guarding the Globe
  • Follow the steps above again until you get the heroes that you want.

And that's all we have for our Invicible: Guarding the Globe tier list. As usual, future game updates and hero releases might have an effect on our rankings. And since you clearly love ranking stuff, here's an Astra Knights of Veda tier list!

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