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Infinite Galaxy: 4 Reasons to play Camel Games’ sci-fi online strategy game

Infinite Galaxy: 4 Reasons to play Camel Games’ sci-fi online strategy game

Do you have what it takes to save the Andromeda Galaxy from the clutches of the Empire? In Infinite Galaxy, you command a spaceport on a mission to triumph over the ruthless battlefield of an intergalactic war. It might seem easy to dismiss this mobile strategy game as just another sci-fi re-skin, but with over 1 million downloads on Google Play a mere two weeks after it first launched, there’s a reason why Camel Games’ space adventure is worth a play - here’s four of them, to be exact:

Explore the uncharted vastness of outer space

The full double-layer map lets you traverse both the Galaxy and the Star System with absolutely no bounds. Four Cantilevers, 16 Stargates, and a whopping 1,200 Star Systems can keep you busy as you roam around and explore limitless possibilities out there, not to mention score unique rewards each time you return from an exhilarating mission. Top that off with 60,000 resource asteroids and over 100,000 space drifters and rangers and you’re bound to get your fill of this vibrant galaxy where adventure awaits - or danger lurks - at every corner.

Command your own spaceport and strategise the best upgrades

You can build over 20 Flagships, with each one possessing its own unique set of active and passive skills you can use to help turn the tide in the heat of battle. Deep gameplay mechanics include recruiting crew members with their own backstories and investing in scientific research to boost your survivability when faced with the unknown mysteries of space. But even with all these strategic decisions you need to make, the game manages to keep players engaged without falling into the trap of becoming just another overly complicated space simulation game.

Forge lasting alliances and fight epic space battles

Learning how to cast skills and summon wing planes will prove invaluable in combat during boarding wars. Fight against the Imperial Army using varied strategies and a host of battle-savvy techniques. You can engage in real-time strategy matches to occupy star systems and defeats strongholds to help you stake your claim on territories, as well as dominate over both the Inner Ring and the outer rim.

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Immerse yourself in the story and bring the Empire down

Apart from the addicting game elements and stunning aesthetics, the narrative itself (with a script of over 300,000 words and 12,600 lines performed by 20+ professional voice actors) enhances the overall gameplay experience as you deal with rebel groups, private merchants, and space pirates feeding on the imminent collapse of the Empire. Boasting 680K model surfaces and independent clothing texture and shade, the breathtaking graphics and vivid 3D environments make the burning embers of war even more exhilarating - and who knows? You might even stumble upon the remnants of an ancient alien race as you dive into the deeper lore of the game.

Camel Games is also behind fan faves like Little Empire, War and Order, Age of Z Origins, Titan Throne, and War of Destiny. You can find Infinite Galaxy available free to play on Google Play and iOS.